Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sleeping with the fishes and deciding my fate!

I am really stretching it with this animal thing... the linkage is tenuous at best. An attempt at humor perhaps, and not a good one. But, at least I have something more than the repetitive blah, blah that you can take to the blah, blahologist. If you get that reference then your vote counts for double when I tally the results for the poll that I am going to talk about later in this post that will determine the future of my FFXI and perhaps even the planet Earth! Intrigued? At least interested? Ok, fine, but I am still going to make you read the rest of the post first. And your sarcasm is not appreciated! *Hmmph* Yes, at this point I am inanely rambling on about nothing, with only a half-thought by me into the logical progression of this post or even logic at all. Lets just have you try to write interesting and inventive material for this blog every day for the rest of your life, ok? How do you think that would feel? Ok, so maybe a monkey with a bottle of Tequila can write more and more interesting material, but I am thinking if you had a monkey or a bottle of Tequila, let alone both, you would not be here right now reading this would you? Would you? Digging the italics today. Its emphasis without caps. Caps is too much anger for me, I am afraid of caps... they have squinty eyes... Italics are just right. So... having fun? No, I have not gotten into the Nyquil again, but I must say writing entries with a bottle of Nyquil is a laugh riot for me. :) I got to work early today. Thats pretty much impossible for me, so you get extra blog time, and I get to make you read all this yammer. I am probably losing your attention at this point, so in an attempt to reel you back into my web of treachery here is something FFXI related. Borin died last night, but *gasp* he wasn't the first or even the one that died the most often! But I do believe that Izman killed Borin by sheer force of will, you know I was going to screenshot Borin's comment to Izman after Iz cheered Borin eating a 1K+ Fang Rush, but it lacked the internal text log context to really be screenshottable, so I will just requote here, "Izman? I thought you loved me?" and that my friends, is why Borin wins so hard. Borin is the embodiment of wonderful bitter sarcasm, with a light flare of hating Omoi. Oh, fack, double fack, triple GOD DAMN FUCK! I don't have the picture... I actually HAD A PICTURE for the title of this post to make sense. It was awesome, fucking awesome, FUCKING AWESOME I TELL YOU! Izman, dead in Mamook, in a stream, underwater... you guessed it, WITH THE FUCKING FISHES. And now its gone, off in the nether ether of the net. It's vast and infinite, you know, the net that is... another reference that if you name in the comments will net you a double vote in the poll that I will present later in this very post. And yes, I know I admonished the use of caps because of their untrustworthiness and their unkempt hair, but I tell you, Izman was sleeping with them... the fishes... he was. ; ;

Did any of that have a point? No. Did you understand it? No. Are you going to keep reading this post? YES! (Evil, evil caps) And that is because of the amazing teaser that I tossed into the first line of today's post. But we are not there yet boys and girls, first, my day, or should I say night because I didn't get home until super late so I was only able to get in two more merits worth of XP. And that only netted me one increase in a stat, but at least it did serve some purpose. BAM! Counter rate increases by 1! Quick question for you life long MNK's out there, but does this increase the base counter rate for counterattack too? I love MNK, it punches so hard. The only major problem I have is that when I use meat I feel like my accuracy is just a touch below what I believe is optimal. For the first time since I started playing this game I am seriously considering a Peacock Charm. The utility is just higher with MNK that it is for my other jobs because either accuracy is not a concern (SAM, DRG, RNG), my set up demands sushi and I accept that (NIN) or my gear is just not favorable for a meat build (WAR) but now with MNK I feel it could be useful. I don't think I have the money to afford it right now, but hopefully Omoi would be interest in going halfsies with me on it. But when she normally goes mage to everything and I go DD, it is basically like asking of Omoi will pay for half of it to get me a present. LOL I know this is all going to backfire on me in amazing fashion when she asks me to go halfsies on a Manteel... orz. Well, if I DO get a Peacock Charm (more like when not if, just need to shift some more stuff to sell over to Ringzero and I will eventually be able to get it myself even if Omoi is feeling stingy [oh yeah, making friends with that comment, LOL]) it will even further improve my MNK and allow me to eat meat more often. These are just a few more tweaks for my MNK because honestly, I think my MNK is the best equipped job I have or at least on par with my NIN. This may be caused by the fact that MNK has next to no options for gear at endgame and outside of a Black Belt I have pretty much the rest of the bases covered.

Now, here is some lens flare, because lens flare is cool. Finally, as a show of my complete benevolence I will grant ye, oh reader of mien blog, the ability to choose my destiny. Ok, seriously, I still have no mage job leveled, and its time to start, so you get to pick my next job to 75! It has to be a mage job and it has to be one of these mage jobs: WHM, RDM, BLM, BRD. SMN is out, because the gear sucks and I am not gonna camp Shakigami Weapon, if I want to be a WHM I will just be a WHM. All votes MUST be submitted as a comment to THIS POST, don't send me an IM about it. I mean send me IM's all you want but not about your vote. If you get either of the references I mentioned earlier then you get to have your vote counted twice. I will post the results here a week from today. The fine print: Once the expansion comes out all bets are off, and if I want to be a hot dancer then I will be a hot dancer! Doesn't mean I wont finish the job, just means it might get back burnered, but you know I hate having jobs that aren't completed so I will still finish it. Gear limitation will not effect the forward movement of the job so its not like I am going to be all complainy about not having the gear to move forward. I will try to get at least an average of one level per day even if I don't get them on their respective days. Any questions just post them in the comments. All rules are mine and you better respect them, because without respect what do we have baby? What do we have? Latin jargon: Ipso facto, Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc, etc. etc. There was another one of those references that will net you a double vote. Good night, and good luck.


Anonymous said...

Ipso Facto - Because of the fact itself, Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc - After this therefor because of that, and I vote you should be a white mage .

Anonymous said...

Also, you need some power ballads in your blogs. That is all.

JESS said...

RingThree said:
"BAM! Counter rate increases by 1!"

Jess said:
" ~BAM is my line ;( "

I vote BRD.... it will be faster to level with only need 2 subs /Nin /Whm and /Nin you have covered already .....
That may be a ignorant answer about BRD but thats all I ever see them sub ....


Ringthree said...

Achi, you missed the cultural reference that was from that line, no bonus vote for you.

Ailee said...

He should level rdm for several reasons
1)I want to complain to him, a lot. I think mr "I punch things" needs to hear hours of refresh please from people who either already have refresh or who don't have mp...

2) It would take the most work, which for Ring is a good thing. He is nothing without like 4 subs, so more xp for him.

3) More gear choices for a gear obsessed player. For us this means more blogging, for him its more opportunity to obsess.

4) Brd is not technically a mage job. It has no natural mp so saying you will play a mage job means you can't be a brd. Notice he left Cor off this list. Brd should be off too.

I should get 4 votes for giving you reasons.

Skurlover said...

I'm going to punch you in the face in 8 days for wanting to become a dancer. That is all.

JESS said...

.....Dam you get more comments this way........I sense another idea I can steal ...errr borrow for my Blog. ;P
Yes you should level Dancer especially when you keep saying...

RingThree said:
" so what if I am GAY for Izman"


Anonymous said...

what the fuck ever i have been left out lately. King Blog Whore

Izman said...

Oh please lv BLM you will get me killed if you lv whm!

ice said...

RDM same reasons as ailee you need to see what its all about

Anonymous said...

"If I had to pick today, I would eliminate BLM."

No wussing out now. /vote BLM

Anonymous said...

I have rdm,whm,blm lvl'd to 75.
1st 'mage' job should be rdm, hands down.
Too many reasons not to lvl that first.

Fan from Pandy~

Drac said...

If ever a question was posed, and an answer was given in response... This, ladies and gentlemen, is that time.

/vote Red Mage

A: You'll keep busy.
B: You get to have sadistic glee enfeebling a monster and allowing it to be punished indirectly rather than the usual "I stab/punch/slice/chop you nowz!" routine.
C: Two words: 1-Feather. 2-Cap.
D: Indeed gear is plentiful and meaningful, you obsessive-compulsive manic son-of-a-gun.
E: Because Draco wills it.

There you have it. (Nod to Ailee for being as conversationally anal-retentive as I am. Who numbers their responses? Honestly...)

Tuufless said...

/vote RDM.

Two words. "Pimp." "Hat."

(Okay, and also so you get a sense of endless hours of "Refresh plz." ^^;)

Anonymous said...

RDM, because elfRDMs are the hotness second only to elfPLDs.

Yeah, I said it.

-random fan

Omoikitte said...

Part 1 (It won't let me post it all at once)

Since there were complaints ^.^ I am posting my opinion on this thread, even though it is already known ^.^

Of the jobs.
BLM, RDM, BRD and WHM were the options if I recall. ^.^

Pros - Lots of dmg, and at 75 it is a lot of fun to mess around with. And considering you like to do lots of dmg this could definitely tweak your epeen.

Cons - You already die a lot, and BLM die OOODLES, since they are extremely squishy. So I think that would be extremely frustrating, plus with your tendency to want to drive a job to 75 you are going to flounder with BLM, in that you will have to solo most of your exp, or eke it out, which will drive you round the bend.

Conclusion - I don't think this is really the most suitable job for you to level just yet. I think it would be fun if you could just be 75 in it immediately, but the path there would be long, hard and frustrating

Omoikitte said...

Part 2.
Pros - Lots of different gear choices. You need to get your head out of the Melee clouds. Mage gear is incremental, and often requires a lot of fine tuning rather than any significantly huge boosts, although there are levels where that occur. As such, there is a lot of opportunity for you to play around with many different setups, you can solo stuff without dying, and fulfill a lot of different roles.

Cons - You will have to mule a bunch of your other jobs if you want to play this job successfully, I have SEEN your inventory space, and there is no way you can be an effective RDM AND have RNG, MNK, NIN and SAM gear in your inventory. It just won't work.

Conclusions - This is a job that will give you a lot of versatility, but I think that you will run into problems with your inventory management very quickly. Out of all the jobs this would be my second job for you to pick, and you will look SO HOT in that RDM hat! *grin*

Omoikitte said...

Part 3.
Pros - You get RR III

Cons - This is a job that requires a lot of concentration and focus, even though it doesn't seem like it. It can seem boring at times and other times you never have enough MP. Management of mp, and how to use it rather than just burning through your mp pool, being ready for status effects and just generally being ready regardless of whether your pt is good or not is always essential. This is another slow leveling job. Around lvl 60 invites dry up over RDM and BRD.

Conclusion - LoL, I would love to see you as WHM, LOL if nothing but for the novelty factor of seeing you deal with what it is really like having to keep head-strong melee alive who really don't care about your mp pool ^.^ *cough* However, I am with Iz on this one. I would be super nervous LOL.

Omoikitte said...

Part 4.
Pros - Extremely popular in all party situations what ever your level. You have a bunch of the gear end game bards can use already ^.^ You know what you want from a bard already, and so probably have the best grasp on how to play this job well.

Cons - Gear for bard is thin and few and far between, it is horribly expensive as well ^.^

Conclusion - Over all I think this would be the best job for you to try out, while strictly speaking it isn't a "mage" job, it is definitely a support job, and can be a defining point in a party. You won't be inundated with 100's of gear changes, and it lets you constantly stay active and involved in the party.

Omoikitte said...

Part 5. The end)

Over all I still think RDM or BRD because of their party friendliness as well as the fun aspects of the job. Of course you are going to have to level WHM and BLM some anyway just to be able to support any of these jobs, so maybe in that course you will find you really like a particular job. ^.^ Any job with MND or CHR you are on a winner for, any job with INT you are going to have to work for to get anywhere, because you are Elvaan. ^.^ The main thing is.. you have to take it seriously. Rather than be blasé about it ^.^ Mages are all about slow incremental increases in power and functionality, not massive gear changes that have radical effects on your performance.
We are very much background jobs that keep a party strumming along, anyone can DD pretty much, even with a naff setup. You can't really do Mage well with a naff setup, you come unglued pretty quickly. I think which ever you pick though, it will give you an insight into things on the other side of the fence and for that, it will be excellent ^.^

Omoikitte said...

Oh as for cultural references.
Sleeping with the fishes is from The Godfather.