Friday, October 12, 2007

Like a fox...

Yeah, maybe I went off the deep end a little yesterday. It happens sometimes, what is a man in my position to do? Use it to complete my weeks worth of animal related titles and then try to forget it ever happened outside of the epic and wonderful mage selection process. Shall we recap what we have so far? There are 4 votes with zero bonus votes so far, one each for each job, WHM, BRD, RDM, BLM. To which I can say to all those that voted, Thanks for nothing guys, I could have NOT decided what mage job I wanted to play all by myself. The votes included well thought out and logical explanations, or in the case of Izman, notions of self-preservation. So as of today, I am left with the same situation I was in yesterday, well, except for the threat of face punching if I level Dancer. If I had to pick today, I would eliminate BLM. The other three I could handle and RDM and BRD would probably be the easiest to level because of demand, but WHM has always appealed to me in the abstract.

They are taking my computer, back in a bit. So, apparently, I didn't have the computer I was supposed to have so they got me a whole new one. Freaking sweet. Wasn't expect that. How often when working with the government do they give you more than what you ask for? Let me tell you, not often. Anyway...

I have put some serious thought into this Peacock Charm thing, and I think I am beginning to like the idea. Honestly, with MNK, there really is nothing besides attack, haste and accuracy. You want to hit for as much as you can as often as you can. Its kind of like NIN but with much less emphasis place on damage modifiers for the WS because the modifiers on Asuran Fists is like 10% STR and 10% VIT. These limitation make it better to focus on areas that will allow me to land more hits and increase the attack on them because that will universally increase my damage. I am very close to being able to use meat exclusively on my MNK, with Lurkers being my only major fear at this point. If I were to get a Peacock Charm that is another +5 Accuracy for WS and TP build, and I wouldn't be losing much for my MNK in the process. So, a bit of farming is in order I think, I am about a third of the way there if I count money on mules and stuff like that, but it would leave me with no extra gil and that would probably be a bad idea. Farming takes away from XP time though and that is never good. Almost two more merits last night, and they are going into Counter level 2. It's nice to finally have an endgame job that I want to put more merits into. With NIN its basically done merit wise, the others could use some work still but I don't use them enough to justify spending the time I am now to finish them off like I am with my MNK.

Too much MNK talk, its so freaking repetitive lately. LOL Even I can see that. Its just that I haven't been doing a lot outside of events and XPing. I really can't wait for the expansion, as I have gotten into a bit of a rut right now. It's weird for the first time having or at least having access to everything I want or need, and only focusing on small tweaks. Salvage is my next major hurdle, and I wish I could do it every day, although lately I have been getting way too high strung about it. LOL It is really fun though, but it can rapidly get frustrating because I like having set plans for how things work and you really need to be more adaptable there. I am probably going to ban myself from vent during Salvage, so I can't yell at anyone. :)

I am going out of town this weekend, so don't expect much on Monday. Doesn't look like SE is really in the mood to give us much more information about the expansion until just before it is released. I can't really tell why but the lack of information at present is just fueling the fire. LOL

Have a good weekend.

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