Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Animal theme week here at the blog. I tried out the western pit in Mamook last night, and it is different from the eastern pit because there are definitely less mobs there, but there are two benefits. 1. There is only one Lurker in that pit. 2. If you do it correctly and you kill off the mobs in the right order you can cycle through that area pretty faster and you don't have to worry about mobs repopping on you. Sometimes you need to pull the two Spinners in the cave you come in through but doing this bought us just enough time to respawn enough mobs to keep the chain going. In general, you very much need a some kind of buffer and definitely need a dispel or the Wyverns can get pretty nasty. With this camp, I don't care how much XP I make per hour, because XPing here is just really fun. A term was coined last night, that this is indeed SeXP... and yes, that makes me a dork, whatever. These camps make XPing so much more fun that I honesly don't think I will ever lead a party to another area for XP. No one has any respect for Bird's camps, Bhaflau is just a mess AND no one respects camps, Mire is OK if you can push out all the lower level parties, but you just end up feeling like a dick. Mamook has two things in its favor. 1. It only supports two level 75 parties because of the longer respawn times, the two pits. 2. You have to go by True Sight mobs to get there and its not just a pop outside of the Runic Portal, it actually takes time and effort. You can't scout the camp outside of /sea Mamook, and since its such a pain people will actually ask about it, even JP's. :) These camps hearken back to the salad days of Lufaise Meadows and Bibiki Bay, except even better. And they have owls. Anyway, got two more merits, and only need two more to get my last Kick Attack merit.

We did Limbus last night, a split run, with my run finishing up an Ultima set. The only problem with boss runs is that they only take 18 and we have more than that, but since everyone gets to lot its not so bad. Both runs were a success, but the AF drops were crappy. Don't know exactly when we are going to do that Ultima or the Omega we have either, for that matter. We then had Assaults, in which one group wasn't that successful, but my group got two new rank 8 missions done. Both were relatively easy, Egg Conservation and Operation: Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes was interesting as it was more quest like, but it was actually pretty easy. Egg Conservation was a bit silly. That just leaves Marids in the Mist for the last level 8 mission I need to do, but I wont be here on Friday to get it, and maybe not on Monday either. I think Omoi is going to lead that one. Also, everyone did a bunch of ranking up yesterday. Jess to Rank 10, Achi and Sholo were able to start rank 9 I believe, but I might be wrong on that, they may need one more new assault, and Marids would do nicely, Izman got Rank 7 and King got to Rank 4. I think thats everyone that Ranked up recently, but I might be wrong. Also Achi and EP both got their Yigit Gomleks on the same day! That makes EP 2/5 so far and I know that he is getting pretty close on the rest of the Yigit pieces. In final silliness, I think this is my best roll ever, I totally owned Omoi! LOL

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...there's owls through out this whole game... didn't know there where some in expansion too.