Monday, October 08, 2007


Nodropnix. Thats the name of the game.

Well let me start by saying that I know the blogging has been slow and not that great lately, but just know that work is busy right now, and that is cutting into my time a lot right now. Like I can barely get a sentence completed without a distraction. Now there are two or three things that I really want to talk about today. The first is a new area I like to XP in, Mamook. Now, you can say, duh, people have been XPing in Mamook for a long time and its not as good as other camps. But there is a reason why I think it is so good, and that is that it is not boring. It's not your normal, BRD pull, we kill, repeat ad nauseum. The last couple of weeks has seen a lot of people finishing up their SAM leveling from the last update so many camps have been taken. So that means searching for alternative camps, and Mamook is a good one. The reason that I love it so much is that you basically follow a route through the area killing absolutely everything (except the NM that is almost always up, Darting Kachaal Ja). You run upstairs, you run downstairs, Mamool, Wyverns, Puks, Crabs, its just neat to do it and its actually more like an adventure than monotonous XP. And its really a challenge because there is a large variety of accuracy and attack requirements. I have done it well with 4 DD's, COR and a RDM, and done it OK with 3 DD's, BRD, WHM, RDM. Honestly, this camp is isn't very MP intensive like some other camps, just need to be ready to cure bomb from a Fang Rush from all the Wyverns. Also, you shouldn't have a BRD pull much, just prep mobs. The mobs here hit pretty hard so a BRD pulling tends to get eating. The best thing to do is have a DD "pull" meaning just run up to the next mob and fight or voke it and have the BRD or RDM just sleep the links. You aren't going to get super high chains, mostly because there are two Mamool Ja Lurkers that are in the area and they love to reek havoc with chains, but if people are smart you can usually get through them if you are careful.

Anyway, that camp is great, but don't use it. I like it, and I want it for myself. Thanks. :) Did another couple of Kirin's yesterday.

Lunch post, I am hungry. And I am back.

So lets see, Kirin and my new Kirin straight tanking gear. I have been XPing my MNK a lot so I have a ton of ISP again, which means I can pick up a few nice things for myself, like the Lieutenant's Sash. Now, this might not look that great, but its only replacing a Warwolf Belt, and with all the SATA I get during Kirin, enmity isn't as great as some more HP and a bit of damage reduction for magic and breath attacks, which is pretty much exclusively what I was dealing with on Kirin. That leaves me with this set-up for straight tanking Kirin. It did seem like it was a little bit better than normal yesterday, and our first Kirin went super fast except for when it Stonega'ed then Astral Flowed, which killed quite a few people and slowed us down. Jess got a D. Body and Akanea got an Osode. ^.^/

Salvage also went decently last night, we did Zhaylom remnants to test out the new spawn condition for the 5th floor Poroggo Madame. Things went relatively easy except for a little confusion on the distribution of the stats cells, but it was out first time doing Zhaylom and nothing too bad happened. We did get the Poroggo Madame to spawn but we had very limited time to kill it so everyone just two-houred and we ripped it to shreds. The first Frog Chorus was stunned with Weapon Bash, but at 9% it managed to get on off and we got frogged, outside of Devious, who got smashed to bits by a bunch of nasty froggies. But it had a nice DoT on it, and when we were uncharmed we popped up and finished the last 9%, Borin in very much Borin-style Mijin Gakure for the last bit of damage but we got no drops. >.< Ah well, more Salvage without drops, its the name of the game I guess. LOL

In other news, I finally finished my Rank 10 quest, it was actually very easy, and during BCG I never once lost a match. The CS's were nice and all but a little anticlimactic, and now I just have to finish up all of the other Assaults that are left to get Captain. Speaking of which, EP managed to get his Yigit Gages which is sweet for him! I know that he still needs a couple of other pieces to complete the set but we are working on those for him and more gear for everyone in our Assaults. Finally, I needed to get my Beadeaux Key for my MNK AF Body and Elfie came along to help me after I helped him with him BST AF fight, and along the way I spotted this little NM, up and just hanging out. LOL But all I got was a silly Duel Rapier. >.< Then with a little bit of farming Elfie and I got a key and quickly found the coffer. So I am now only two pieces away from finally having all of my MNK AF gear but I will probably have my MNK merits done before I finish those two quests... at least I have my Garliage Citadel Coffer key. :)


I will never tell :O said...

lol a dead borin

Anonymous said...

thats bullshit i cant even get a shout out for me risking myself. the pain

JESS said...

....That's an awesome camping area and theres another camp like it on the other side that you didn't know about... there are 2 other reasons alot people don't camp there....some people don't want to fight their way there because the "IT" Mamools are true sight and the THF and NIN Mamools have high Evasion especially after a few "Warm ups" ...more so then outside....that leads to the 2nd reason...once you get there and someone wants to leave or fake DC's ... you have to fight your way back out to get another member ...then fight your way back in......however the mobs are good XP on the way there anyway. I personaly agree with you and is a nice XP area and that NM sucks and drops wind crystals only....LOL