Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Increasingly Obvious.

Since last Thursday the voices of masses have rung out in true democratic fashion. Or at least in some ways democratic, some ways its more like a banana republic with communist strongmen muscling their way and trying to overwhelm the electorate with foreign capital investment and guns for drugs three way secret deals. I will not state who is "winning" right now, but if you read the comments from that entry it will be pretty obvious what job is winning. It still scares me that I will be leveling a job that legitimatly uses MP, I don't know what I will do with all that MP honestly. Its a pretty big responsibility, all that MP. Will I waste it on useless spikes and en-spells? Can I be relied on for saving it up for those moments when it is most needed? Probably not... I am just going to go /NIN and melee my way to 75... >.>

I have been away all weekend, and only got to hope on before Assaults last night... but apparently this is a good thing for everyone in Versus... and they don't want me to come back... o.o; No, what really happened is that I was away, and during that time we did two Byakko's and they both dropped Haidate. That means with like the last 8-9 Byakko's not dropping Haidate with me there, and then 2 dropping Haidate when I was not there, then I might be the problem with the drops. ; ; Why does Byakko hate me? I am a cat lover... I even have a cat. Why would that cat hate me above everyone else? Anyway, that clears 2 more people out of the group that needed to get Byakko's Haidate, Elfaria and Samuraisoldier, both very deserving members of the LS. Elf has been waiting for the Haidate for a long time now, and Sam can use the Haidate on both of the his 75 jobs, and also comes to Sky mostly as NIN so its of great use for him. So now apparently, I am to be BANISHED on Byakko days. ; ; That was my favorite fight to tank outside of Kirin... Guh, I am turning into Jess with all the ellipses.

Well, depending on the time I have available, I am going to put some time into leveling WHM this week, then BLM, so that I will have them to at least sub level. I wish I could do that before the poll is complete but I wont have time to move through that many levels in 3 days, but I am at least going to start. WHM is already the closest to 37, and BLM is already leveled to be the sub for that, but BLM is something I should have at 37 if I am going to level a mage job so that will have to come eventually anyway.

I forgot to download pictures from last night, but honestly they wouldn't have mattered much, although I have completed all the level 8 Assaults now. Marids in the Mist was pretty easy as long as you were able to time the darts correctly. Just need to use them below 50% health and right after they use their TP move. Now that I have completed all of Tier 8 I just have to complete 11 more Assaults to be able to have them all cleared and be able to get my Captain rank. I am still saving Lebros Supplies for last because that is just a crazy one from what I have heard, but I have never even tried it. I am looking forward to the Rank 10 missions because they look like a substantial step up in difficulty from the other Rank missions. The Rank 9 missions don't look too difficult really and we should be clear of them in a week or two. We are going to have to wait for a couple of people to get to Rank 10 before we try to do those because of the increase in difficulty, and also because the number of people that do those missions doesn't effect the total number of AP you get from the run.

Thats pretty much it for today, tonight is Sky then Salvage. Hopefully something will drop, and with the new party set up we might have a chance. :)

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Skurlover said...

This is not a democracy, THIS IS VANADIEL! Dancer or bust!

(But I will still punch you in the face)