Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cliched comment about finally getting a drop in Salvage goes here.

Ninjafox probably isn't pleased with himself for missing last nights run. LOL Well, after months of farming Arrapago to get some 35 drops to justify going to other zones to complete them it finally happened. We got something to drop, in fact we got another run of amazing drops. First floor we had everyone with a Incus cell before the end of the first two rooms of Qutrubs. Got all of our necessary ability and magic cells and then finished up farming for HP cells after that. We were on the second floor faster than we ever have before, and it only got better from there. We pulled the two Lamia on the second floor then quickly moved up to the Qiqirn Astrologer, only nasty thing that it did was a Sleepga and we quickly took it down, and finally something nice dropped. From there we quickly moved to the third floor were we skipped the QQTH because we didn't have the set up to deal with it, so we farmed the first half of the floor for INT cells and more HP cells, then warped up. We quickly took out the fourth floor QQTH and then pulled the gears that were in the way for Subjob cells, we tried to kill the Big Bhoot but failed, largely I believe because of our party set up, LOL which again I will explain later. We picked ourselves up afterward and headed up to the fifth floor, skipped both the Ramparts because we were low on time, luckily they were not true sound this time, and popped the Archaic Chariot. We got really good items from the chests that dropped on the way, so we decided to just pop everything we had and rape the Chariot. Rygar and I just Hundred Fisted to start, and Iz came in at the end to with a Steel Cyclone with every possible buff at the end to finish it off. God, I love Fanatics drinks. :) The Archaic Chariot went down in record time. We had like 5 minutes left at that point so we hurried back to the QQ Astrologer and killed it with moments to spare, no drop from that though, but I wasn't looking a gift horse in the mouth.

I have a few comments about Arrapago, and I think I know how we will put together a boss run for this zone. The first two floors will remain the same, and on the third floor we will kill more mobs to get more cells if they are needed. After that we will largely skip the fourth floor then clear out the fifth floor for needed cells, probably skipping the NM's for time. Clear the sixth floor then move up to the boss. This should leave enough time for the boss on the first run and we can add in more NM's as we get better at this run.

Now, I wanted to mentioned the set-up for this run. It's pretty funny actually. MNK, MNK, WAR, BLM, WHM, and Borin as a level 70 THF for TH. LOL Borin's TH rules all. We didn't have a dispel or refresh for the entire run, which definitely slowed us on the first floor with all the BLM mobs and their Ice Spikes, but we managed. As I said the reason we lost to the Big Bhoot was two-fold. First, it used Perdition very early but after a -ga spell was already stunned, so Stun wasn't up and we didn't have the TP yet for a Stun WS. This put Izman out of the fight quickly. Second it was just using a ton of -ga spells which stretched our very limited healing to the breaking point, especially with limited stuns and WS stuns when Ice Spikes were up. Still we almost put it down, which was impressive again without a refresh or dispel.

And who did the 35's go to? Omoi beat out Izman on the lot for the Deimos's cuirass. While Rygar beat me out for the lot on the Hikazu hakama. LOL So now we can finally start running Bhaflau for boss runs, I think this should be easy but I think we will need a few more people for the boss and also a BRD with a Storm Fife would be awesome for that run. Bhaflau is very easy to farm for cells, so that shouldn't be a problem.

After Salvage, a Besieged was about to begin so we headed over there. It was actually pretty fun because Omoi, Izman, Riakoh and I were like a mini-party. We always had Giant Drinks so no one died. Killed a ridiculously huge bomb while waiting for the boss to spawn. Then we all grouped up on the boss and got it down to 10% before the Besieged ended. >.<

For your cuteness award today, its Coejus for being terribly cute! LOL

No blog tomorrow, I will be out of town again. :(

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Anonymous said...

Hey R3,

Its Elipse I just thought I'd throw this out there. We do everything based on the timer. For safety's sake we designate the boss as the #1 priority if its a boss run

This is our basic timer
First: 30 minutes
Second-Fifth: 20 minutes
Sixth: 20 minutes
Boss: 30 minute

Now this timer fits near perfect for a run where you have 1 mnk and no other real DD. (Example Mnk, Thf, Rdm, Rdm, Brd, Blm)

First floor: Thf gets no weapon and we don't focus much if any time on it. Mnk gets weapon, brd gets second weapon (priority for elegy on boss). Farm magic, max mp, abilities (for convert), hp/blackbelt for monk. Done this floor.

Second floor: If we need magic we go up NW tele and kill the two bards. If we need nothing we skip up

Third floor: We send 1 person to tele and the rest of the group starts farming something missing. An extra abilities cell usually what we need. We try to farm so we don't "need" anything on this floor so the person can warp up once we hit tele.

Fourth floor: Pull the QQTH, kill it fast cause it moves only a small distance. Usually get dex, agi and a weapons cell. As well as some chest items for bosses.

Fifth floor: 1 person to tele, rest just kills a gear while they wait.

Sixth floor: Clear it. Kill a gear or two thats in the way of the ramparts but pulling rampart as soon as possible hp/stats. With 1 mnk as only real DD (blm damage a bit) this floor takes about 15 minutes, 20 at a max.

Boss Floor: Thf which received 0 cells the entire run goes to sit in a corner.

Now all of this changes as soon as you get a second DD. If you can get an extra war/nin/mnk/sam in there the farming speeds up considerably. With 2 mnks we're off the first floor in 20, second floor we mop up the QQAA, skip 3rd, kill QQTH on 4th, kill chariot on 5th, clear 6th in 10 minutes or so and then up to boss with 25-30 minutes to spare.

My suggestion is, your first run you focus on the boss himself and forget about the NM's on the way up. We have only gone without thf once and we sorely regreted it. The cell drop rate is noticably lower without a thf. So while it sucks that the thf gets no cells but left overs and sits out on the boss it ends up speeding up our farming cause every lamia drops a cell or two.

So the first floor we kill lamia's blm, blm, smn, cor, rdm before anything else by sneaking around. Then just keep killing skele's in chain pull until hp/waist item drops and get any lamia in the way. Some runs we do Qutrubs, sometimes we skip em.

Anyway, I hope all this info helps in some way. See you later