Friday, October 05, 2007

Fake expansion news.

Ok, here is some fake expansion news that I would like to see happen but have no reason to believe will happen. Some of this is derived from my thoughts, some of it is gleaned from other people, some of it from FFXI history and some of it is just what I think would be cool, so join the wild ride.

Four new jobs:
1. Dancer - Dancer will be a more offensive oriented support class as some have suggested. This will included some form of MP, HP and TP draining ability that will act like a DoT Drain, Aspir and Absorb-TP. Additionally, I believe that some of the dances will also include defense reductions on mobs, and perhaps other reductions to evasion, magic defense, etc. To make things interest I think they should have the Dances learned from quests you would have to do every level or couple of levels. This would be different than spells and other ways to get abilities for other jobs. The quests could start relatively easy, moving through to very difficult ones for the later levels.

2. Time Mage - They would get Time related magics from the current available magics, but also new tiers of magic along with completely new spells. I think that new tiers of magic might also be added to other jobs to help balance out the effect of this. Now, there is something to Comet here, as traditionally Time Mage has used Comet and Atomos has been able to use Comet. Does this mean that Time Mage will get Comet? Who knows, but it would be a nice new spell. Also, I think they will get some spells that are equivalent to the current teleports that WHM get but to areas in the past. So Time Mage will be the past version of WHM, or something. LOL

3. Medic/Chemist/Engineer - I still think an item based job could work very well, except for instead of how items are used now, they would be more like how Ninjutsu works, in that they would get stack to 99 and those stacks are again stackable to 12. This will probably be the utility job of the expansion, with some healing, some DD, some buffing and some debuffing all thrown in with a little club skill just because no one really uses that for DDing.

4. I have no idea, what the fourth job is but I am going to bet that we get 4 jobs. SE's been a little too unspecific about how many new jobs there will be and for some reason I am feeling four this time instead of three. What it will be I have no idea.

I have two other ideas that I think would make the expansion really good. The first is the new Assault zones; I think that they need to be easily accessible like the current Assaults, they need to be longer like an hour or up to Salvage length, and they should be pressing but a little less difficult than Salvage. They should also be much more in depth than the current Assault zones, the rewards should be very similar to the way Assault is done now, but with better tiered rewards rather than better over all points rewards, so like reverse of how things are now. This will encourage people to advance through the missions rather than spam one mission over and over.

The second area is going to be that neat vortex kind of area that is going to be like Sea and Sky. I would guess we will get a tiered NM system much like Sea with a better reward system like Sky. I REALLY like the look of this area, it looks fantastic, and I really hope that it isn't just given away from the start and something you have to achieve.

Ah well, work is still beating on me, so not much today, but at least its not a rehash.

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