Thursday, October 04, 2007

Back to the front.

Randomness to start. First, I screwed up the name of that blog post about Dancer, the name was actually "You will be a hot dancer" but you still wont know where it is from. Second, Jess has a new blog and it is good. You really should check it out, the link is now listed on the right side of the blog with the other blogs I have linked. Third, this post will luckily be longer than the last couple, I have a little bit of time today to go over a couple of neat things.

First, I love MNK. I might have mentioned this before. ^.^ I got to merit in two pretty good parties yesterday before Dynamis, I got a nice healthy 20k buffer for MNK and then got 3 more merits, which are going to go into Kick Attack first, because that will have the most direct and immediate effect. I should have but them in there last night but I was busy running around. Yesterday was my kind of triumphant return to Dynamis. I have to admit that I am relatively lucky when it comes to Dynamis. I haven't waited very long for any piece besides DRG which I gave up on long ago because the utility of the items is pretty low. We had a Dynamis-Jeuno last night and sadly I was third on the list for lotting on the incredibly good Melee Gloves, but like I said I am pretty lucky when it comes to Dynamis and after a pair of the Gloves dropped very early in the run, a second pair dropped around the middle point then while that first pair was still in the treasure pool, a third set dropped and they were mine! A fourth pair even dropped which I believe ended up going free lot. In addition, Omoi, who does not have my kind of luck in Dynamis managed to borrow some of my luck and final got her Wyrm Finger Gauntlets to drop! So after Dynamis we managed to get together and take a picture for posterity.
These new hands are going to be my TP build hands and I will switch to Ochiudo's Kote for WS. Speaking further on my MNK, after Dynamis Thaz, Omoi and I went to finish my AF... yes, I know not having my AF at 75 makes me a bad person as Thaz already told me. LOL First thing I needed to do was finish up replacing my NIN AF hands which I had to reopen when I re-quested my NIN feet. So a quick hunt in Ifrit's Cauldron and then a quick trip to Castle Zvahl to kill Dark Spark and I was ready to start on my MNK AF coffers. It was already getting quite late so we only managed to get the old gauntlets from the Crawler's Nest before I needed to go to bed. Thanks to Kitty and Omoi for helping me with the coffer, and depending on when I get home tonight hopefully I will be able to finish my AF up tonight!

Finally, here is a picture of Achikasama, she is silly.
It feels very much like there is a currently a calm before the storm of the new expansion. I have to say that so far the new jobs (Dancer and almost definitely Time Mage) are far more interesting to me than the jobs from the last expansion. I hope we get some more information soon as its only about a month and a half before expansion is released. It seems this time that SE is holding their cards closer to their chest than they did last time. Ah well, the waiting continues.


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Omoikitte said...

You know, that is kind of rude.

JESS said...

...thanks for the link ^^
I use your Blog for the basis of how I set up mine ;)


Anonymous said...

There is an Incubus song called "You will be a hot dancer" with lyrics along the line of "don't make fun of me... I'm gonna be a hot dancer". Could it be that Ring is admitting to an interest in dressing up in a tutu when the job is released in November? o.O Elvaan male in a tutu...... I'm going to need therapy after that thought lol :P


Ringthree said...

CRIMSON WINS! YOU ALL FAIL! Unless she Googled it... but I love that song, and that was before Incubus started sucking!

Anonymous said...

I didn't google it, I listen to a lot of rock, heavy metal and some punk so have heard the song.... but i've always thought Incubus sucked regardless lol :P