Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It happens from time to time.

So, happily, I guess I was wrong about SE doing anything at E3. If you don't follow the game industry, E3 used to be this huge event that showcased tons of new games but it developed out of an industry conference. As of last year the show became too big and expensive for most companies to justify any longer, so this year, they returned to the smaller format. Luckily though SE has announced that they will exhibit some information on the new expansion, the only question I have is will this information be new if E3 is now smaller and more closed to the public. I am not worried about this too much because apparently some of the people that run the FFXI wiki have been invited to the event. So hopefully we will hear something relatively soon, because E3 starts tomorrow.

As for yesterday, its was kind of meh, Limbus sucked, but the Assaults were very good. Almost everyone is to Rank 3 or very close to Rank 3. Then got to camp Nue, still no drop though. Nue is my nemesis right now. LOL The drop rate on the fang is definitely lower than I expected, but at least when it is done, I can focus on leveling MNK and trying to get the Black Belt items. Glacian wants them too, so maybe its time to do some KS99's :) I am really digging Assault and Salvage right now, and that with Sky is my main focus right now.

I want some more information or something new to post in the blog today, but nothing was even screenshot worthy yesterday, so thats it for today. Had some work today, so maybe just maybe later on I will spend some time working on my MNK gear post. :)

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Drac said...

Yeah, I have way too many Kindred's Seals clogging my Mog House. I should get into some KSNMs as well. I could certainly use some profit or utility items rather than seals burning holes in my pocket.