Monday, July 09, 2007

The Doldrums

Its been a month since the last update, and over a month since the announcement of the expansion... and we are getting no information. I live and breath information, I need it to survive, it is the sustenance of the mind. And without sustenance the mind dies, or at least gets really bored. I am expecting some more information soon, there is E3 soon, but that is definitely not what it used to be, then there is some kind of E3 replacement, but SE has never announced much FFXI information at these events anyway, they are mostly focused on new games and they would probably not waste one iota of space on FFXI when they have FFXIII coming so soon. I know that FFXI has their own independent team and actually over the years it has seemed to be rather coherent and consistent, at least from what we have heard. This hasn't been the case with most US based MMORPG's where the staff sometimes can turn over rather quickly, to head to a new MMORPG. Where is this line of thought going? I don't know exactly, something about how even though FFXI isn't in the spot light, it is obviously still an important aspect for SE, and we should be getting more information from them, but they are a tight-lipped JP company so we probably wont see anything soon. /sigh

We did another Salvage run last night, which was even more successful than the last run. We are still focusing on the Arrapago Remnants because the key level 35 items drop in that zone so we are aiming to kill the Qiqirn Astrologers and Treasure Hunters. The first QA warped out on us after using Sleepga on everyone and our MNK's didn't even get a chance to two hour it. Slightly disappointing but it happens. :) The QTH on the third floor took us a little longer to kill but we got it down, no drop obviously, because I would be screaming about that at the top of the post, then onto the fourth floor where we quickly killed the QTH there also with no drop. I think our goal for the next run will be to farm less on the first and second floor, leaving us more time to farm the NM's. We are generally getting to many cells which means that we could skip more of the first two floors. I have a very good idea for how we are going to do this next time, cutting out even more time from farming and working on the strategy for the QTH on the second floor. Which is just kind of annoying with how difficult it is to melee damage. I wish there was also a way to kill the QA on the second floor faster than we are doing now, but I think next time we should have Achikasama there and Izman back. Also the addition of Sholo as THF is making things better, but I will stop talking about that before I jinx it again. I am thinking about trying to do this on another day so that we have two runs available. Maybe something like Saturday afternoon, in addition to Sunday night. But we have bigger fish to fry on Saturdays, like getting Achikasama and other members to Sea.

We have Limbus then Assault tonight. Assault in the LS is getting to be pretty big and I hope it stays that way, its relatively easy to get people the first three levels of Assault, and that makes things easier for a larger group to get more Assaults done. After Assault I am going to probably try to camp Nue again. I really want my Brown Belt before I do much more leveling on my MNK. God, I love MNK. Talked to Ailee about RNG vs. MNK this weekend, and we both obviously concluded that MNK is the greatest thing ever. :) We also did another Kirin on Sunday, and another set of crappy drops. Just D. Body and a Kirin's Pole, this is getting to be a bit frustrating considering that nothing we have been doing lately has dropped anything of import. Cursed, we must be. >.<

Hopefully, I will have something more to report tomorrow, either a Nue fang or maybe another Assault rank, or maybe, just maybe, a triumphant return of Izman.


Ailee said...

Such a lie... we concluded MY rng > your mnk :)

Minusdkp said...

ooooh. i kinda miss endgame events D: but i want to get MNK to 75. Yooosh!