Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Myriad of ideas.

I have stuff I want to go over today, but I have a doctor's appointment soon, so the post will be late today.

Man, I had a good entry for today and everything but I have been busy all day. Oh well, I will do what I can in the time I have left. First, expansion news. Actually there is not a whole lot disclosed, just more hints at the past and the Crystal War but nothing more concrete than a few drawings and their descriptions, and a lot of screenshots. Honestly, I could post them here but they are already well documented on the FFXI wiki, and it would take too much time. I might post them with commentary tomorrow. Anyway, its still early in E3, and SE has said that we should be getting a video trailer and the FFXI wiki people are getting an interview also I believe. I REALLY want to go over the expansion, but honestly there really isn't much information besides screenshots. Once I get some gameplay information that I can delve into I will put some more time into it.

I am going to go over our Byakko's from yesterday with a simple smilie. ; ; Yeah, still getting absolute crap drops. Yesterday, we got E. Feet and a Behemoth Hide on our first one, then D. Legs and 2 Behemoth Hides on our second one. Now, I do have to say that I did want the D. Legs for my SAM (current WS legs are absolute crap, I just use normal AF which just have 3 STR) and eventually for WS gear for my MNK. But honestly, I would easily give them up or get them much later so that we could have gotten N. Hands or most importantly Byakko's Haidate. We have gotten only four total Byakko's Haidate, and one of them left Versus shortly after getting them... It sucks, I just want to get gear for other people and all of the gear has been falling to me because no one else wants it. LOL Ahh, well, need to start saving for Divine Logs or cursed togi and haidate.

After Sky, we pretty quickly put together an XP party, and went to fight Greater Colibri. The camps there were surprisingly open so we did pretty well. Our BRD was a bit low for the area so was getting a bunch of resists on sleep so couldn't really pull for us. After a while they left and honestly we weren't doing that well because I was the only person with voke and I was getting beaten up pretty badly. Kingscissom was in the area at the time, so after the BRD left we picked him up and Omoi switched over to WHM and things really picked up, actually we could have been OK with just Achi healing at that point because Sholo and King were doing a great job of SATAing each other or me. I got two merits and am like 600 xp away from a third. I forgot to put them into Hand-to-hand last night but that is where they are going.

We will talk about this misguided soul tomorrow, and more extensively how to properly equip yourself even if you don't have 1337 gear. There is a very large distinction between not having 1337 gear and not being knowledgeable at all about what you are doing or the gear you are using.
No doctors appointments or other distractions tomorrow. So it should finally be a full and interesting entry.

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Anonymous said...

...HURRY UP with todays entry (07/12/07).... I wanna here what you think the NEW JOBS they annouced are gonna be speculation wise.......people are saying Time mage and Choco-Knight.....if Choco-Knight uses lance and Great sword..
all the Drks and Drgs will be lvling it..... including ME....
I'm definitely taking the next Knight job to 75.