Thursday, June 21, 2007

Start of Salvage

Turns out that Izman's crisis wasn't much of a crisis (good thing for him) and he was able to get on last night. That meant that we could do Salvage. We did have one problem though, and that is that Lilkathy had just started doing Assault so didn't have enough points to go to Salvage yet. It was a going to be our first test run anyway so not much to worry about anyway. It also started way late and LK was already tired so not much lost for her in terms of sleep. LOL We had seven in our party, and it went relatively smoothly considering the number of people. I do know that we will be skipping some parts in the future as they are not needed or because they take so much time. My first thought is that the crate at the beginning has two effects on Salvage. First, it makes things so much faster. I have to say that spending the time needed to collect initial cells in Salvage was really the problem that we were having when we were doing Salvage. Its not that it was difficult to just hand-to-hand mobs to get the needed cells, but it was that it was just massively time consuming for no reason, and it forced people to bring certain jobs and tons of hi-potions that shouldn't be so necessary. Hi-potions are still great, but when you have a healer from the start it is so much faster. The second effect that the starter crate had was to make things not so boring for everyone. We got two magic cells to start and with the first mob dropping a magic cell we were able to have all of our casters actually doing something after the first room, making it more exciting for everyone.

Now, specifically for this run we did Silver Sea Remnants, and this was the first time that any of us had done this zone and I have to say that the mobs seemed a bit more difficult than the other zones that we had done, especially on the first floor. Bhaflau and Zhaylom Remnants mobs on the first floor were a joke, but by the end of the first floor in SSR we had to actually take some time to kill each mob. The room that had 6 Fomor that needed to be killed to spawn Hammerblow Majanun was actually quite difficult with 7 people on the first time we did it. It was day time so no NIN boot kiting. Honestly, we would have been fine if it wasn't for Foxfire or whatever that conical AoE they used. There were a few deaths, but people were able to get up fast and we actually cleared the room pretty quickly considering the circumstances. Afterward we fought Hammerblow Majanun but got no drop. After double checking this was actually a level 35 drop and we aren't aiming for that so from now on we are going to skip that mob, its a pain in the butt anyway to get him to spawn even if the mob itself is not too strong. The same can be said about the NM on the second floor, not very difficult but spawning it takes forever with only 7 people. Still, we did it and we got the 100% drop level 15 Usukane legs which I got because Glacian didn't seem interested in them. Next time, we will be skipping these two NM's and heading straight for the Gyroscopic Gears on the third floor. We did get to the gears last night, but we weren't able to get more than about 4 of them killed before time ran out, and we have to kill 8 gear/s and their linking Ramparts to get it to spawn. That should be easier to do than killing 16 Fomor and 4 Devilets. >.<

Next time, I think we are going to do Arrapago Remnants to try to get some of the level 35 which is probably the hardest gear to get. Basically, my goal is to get 11-12 people (capping at 12) so that we have two groups to do Assaults to get the points for Salvage. We will see how this all works out, but I think we have a good initial set up, but a BRD and THF would be nice and maybe another tank and DD.

That was yesterday, and for today I give you bad news. SE has finally announced that they are going to allow server transfers. Such a bad idea, I mean I know that there are some people that want to play with friends but how many people is that compared to the number of people that want to escape from their servers because they have stolen, cheated and burned every bridge imaginable. It just means that Feiwong gets to buy characters from any server then promptly move them over to our server, or people like Drone can now escape their horrible reputations, and in all likelihood change their names on their new server. It is a sad day that we are going to have to ask people for references when they apply to Versus now. On balance this is a bad idea, and shouldn't have been implemented, because the people that were most vocal in favor of it are also the people that should not be allowed to use it. I don't think it will unbalance the game or economies, but I do think it will allow people that have screwed people in the past to find a who new group of people to screw. Ah well, most servers have established LS's that are most likely not going to break just because some new idiot shows up, but its just an annoyance that good and decent players shouldn't have to deal with. Bad people should reap the consequences of what they have sown, not just hop to a new server and get a whole new reputation.

Thats it for today. :)

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