Friday, June 22, 2007

Whats with the drops?

So we did another Kirin last night, and only got a D. Ingot and a D. Body. That means in the last couple of weeks we have basically gotten nothing from Byakko or Kirin. This is just crazy. No D. Legs, no Haidate, no W. Legs, no N. Body, no Osode. I got the D. Body just because I was lotting on something that very few people wanted. D. Body will be great one day for my MNK, and I can use it right now for my NIN and especially my SAM, but I have alternative gear for those jobs. And honestly, I would rather see other people getting other gear that they need. Like poor Izman, he has been waiting on Haidate and W. Legs for neigh forever now. I am going to look into our record on Haidate since SE fixed Sky and figure out exactly just how bad our drop rate is on them. My guess is that we have to be at least 3/20 on Haidate if not more, and one of those Haidate accidentally went to someone that then promptly left the LS, which is really disappointing considering the number of people that want them and deserve them.

Anyway, we are sitting on a ton of Kirin sets, so we will get what we need eventually, but its just frustrating at times. We are also doing Kirin a lot faster than we have in the past. Essentially, we just kite it until it does all of its summons then hold it until it casts Sleepga, Stonega IV or the healing mages run out of MP. This make things so much faster, as we can usually get off multiple skillchains with magic bursts knocking it down 10-20% until we have to kite it again. Greatly shortens the amount of time spent on Kirin. In fact we are getting to the point where getting ready for Kirin is taking almost as long as fighting it. LOL Sure we are not TP burning it down in five minutes, but we are doing what works best for us. Maybe next time if we can start earlier, we can get two of them done instead of just one. Should have some Byakko's coming up soon too so hopefully some more Haidate for the LS.

Now, on to my new obsession, Salvage. We had a pretty successful test run in SSR last time, as we learned that the pacing for the zone was actually a lot slower than we expected. My new thought is that we should actually be doing SSR last as it is the Level 15 100% drop rate zone, no reason to start doing that until we have some other gear to show for it. That means that we need to focus on Bhaflau for level 25 drops or Arrapago for level 35. As we are still building, I would like to do level 35 in Arrapago first, even though I think we might be able to take Bhaflau with the group we have right now. The schedule we are looking at right now are Assaults on Monday after Limbus, Assaults on Friday at about 7PM EST, then Salvage will be Sunday night after Sky. I think this works for everyone. Lets go over our plan for Arrapago for the next run. Now I haven't done Arrapago zone before, but since this is going to be our focus for a while, I figure that I better get a good idea of what we are going to be doing. The cell drops from this zone are supposed to be very bad, so its better to follow those with experience in general in this zone. I have an idea of the first floor that I plan on following but, I am not sure where exactly we are going until we actually do it. I don't want to make a map for this zone until we have done our first run, but here is to hoping we get at least one level 35 piece. :)

I have a bunch of things I am supposed to do in the game tonight, I hope I can get to them all.

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