Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Can I burn yet?

My WAR has really been going pretty slow for a while, but I finally managed to get to 70 on it. The funny thing here is that I am the person that usually makes the XP party for my friends and myself. Sometimes people come willingly, sometimes they come kicking and screaming but they do come, usually its the BRD's that come kicking and screaming but hey, thats the way the cookie crumbles, right? LOL Anyway, I am of the belief that if a person that is level 68 or higher wants to come to one of these parties there is no real reason not to let them come. I know that people want their 20k/hour xp parties, but honestly how often is that going to happen? I mean if I can get 2 BRD's to come xp with my NIN, then sure, I am going to grab Izman's WAR and we are going to rock it for as much xp as we can, but in reality that doesn't happen that often and since we usually XP during the prime time, camps are usually overrun and you just can't get as much xp as you want even if you have the perfect party. I suppose if you don't XP as much as we generally do, then you will only be looking for the perfect party and can pass on things you don't want. But wanting to XP and being picky about your parties is going to get you nowhere fast. So, since 90% of your XP parties are not going to be perfect there is no real reason to not let someone into a party if they are a little under level when the factor most likely to limit your XP is not the ability to kill quickly, but the number of mobs available to kill. And so I have justified leveling my 70 WAR in parties that I start with my friends. ^.^b Once I get to 72 things should ease up a little: Suppanomimi, Woodville's Axe (still need to buy it), borrowed Dusk gear, and things should only get easier from there. And for 73 I got my Maneater from the ENM Like the Wind. Thank you to Omoi and Iz for helping me with this fight, and we got the Maneater on only the second try! That solves the main hand axe issue, now I only need to buy a Woodville's Axe which, although still pricey, is about 1/3 less than the Maneater. Now, the question is do you main hand the Maneater or off hand it? If you know, please tell me, so that I don't look like a fool. LOL

Yesterday was a pretty easy day, just a little Sky, and then a quick Ashu Talif fight to get Lilkathy access to Salvage, which we are going to try to do today. My plan is to start small, with 100% Level 15 drops in the Silver Sea Remnants. This is going to be our path (oh and I snatched these pics off of the wiki and just modified them a little, the notes are not mine except for on the fourth floor map): Floor 1 will be for gathering cells and getting things started, but will be doing the NM Hammerblow Majanun which has a chance to drop the Hikazu Kabuto but this is just to be able to get through the first floor quickly. For the second floor we will start aiming for our level 15 gear. We will clear the South East room to get Powderkeg Yanadahn to pop which will net us a Hoshikazu Hakama, and a path to get to the NM on the third floor. Then on the third floor we will be aiming for the Gyroscopic Gears NM to get an Enyo's Mask and a chance at the Deimos's Cuisses. I am thinking that the going will be fine until this point, nothing too bad to deal with if we can keep the pulls manageable and can get decent cells along the way. On the fourth floor we will be aiming for something a bit more difficult because we will be trying to kill an Archaic Rampart which can be pretty easy to pretty terrible depending the gear we have gotten so far and the TP moves that it uses. The main goal will be to get the Citadel Chelonian to spawn from the Archaic Rampart that spawns after the original Archaic Ramparts are defeated. This will be Path 1 through the Silver Sea Remnants, Path 2 we will do once we get a Zhaylom Card to spawn the slot NM. All that being said, it looks like Izman is not going to be on for a while, so it may be a while before we do this. :( I hope everything is OK Iz...

To turn from that sour note, I wanted to mention a few neat things that have happened in the last couple of days. First is to note that Versus has gotten to be quite big as of late, with the line to get gil from the bank getting to be rather large. I definitely thought a line that long was worth the screenshot, LOL. The second neat thing that we ran into was Zikko an NM in Caedarva Mire near the Dvucca Isle staging point. Its actually not that hard of an NM outside of the fact that its Tantras did AoE damage and we also got a link while we were fighting it. LOL So with a little bit of heroics from EP we took it and the link down and netted an Immortal's Sash. Which would be pretty darn good for a BLM but Lilkathy and EP already had better pieces so no one lotted it, and it ended up going to LK anyway. ^.^b So congrats to her, and the nice bit of money she is going to get from selling it.

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Moe said...

Step by step huh mate? Not ready to really burn yet I believe but then again I'm not positive.
The line for the bank is one of the more disturbing things I've seen.
Go go Ring!
More Hellz.