Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No time.

I haven't done a leveling recap in a while, and I think I will do that today. Goals and such, not just equipment rehashes. But before that lets go over what happened yesterday. Well, I started leveling my MNK again, and I am thinking that is what I am going to level independently for a while. Interestingly enough, my MNK has been level 16 for a very long time. It was the second job that I leveled after unlocking my subjob, and I haven't touched it since. This was back when I would use Berserk and Defender at the same time on my WAR, which I was only leveling to get to 30 so that I could open DRG. Anyway, I already have the end-game gear for it mostly, or I will be able to get it when I need it and I already have a Morbolger Vine for the Brown Belt. Outside of that, I don't see the expense of MNK being that high compared to most jobs. I might start hanging around some HNM camps to see if I can glean some Black Belt items, so if anyone reads this and is interested in trying to help me out, I am definitely interested. I do have to say that I am getting ahead of myself here just a little bit as my MNK is only level 19, but it is something that I know I will take to 75 pretty easily, so planning ahead is never a bad thing. I guess, I will be looking over what is good for MNK soon, but I am not too worried about it, because I am having less and less free time in the game. I have found that I can very easily solo EM mobs and the occasional Tough, the problem with Toughs is that I could destroy one Tough and the next Tough could destroy me. This should get a little easier to determine the higher level I am, but for now can mean the difference between life and death. I am almost to level 20, I will start looking for parties at that point, but for now soloing or even better having a PL and killing Toughs is the way to go.

After I leveled MNK for a while, we had a very successful Limbus run. Moving closer to completing Izman's Omega set and netting over 5 coins per person on a 12 person run was really good. We just did the simple NE Apollyon run, and finished with something more than 25 minutes left. Honestly, we probably should farm it more, but the mobs we skip are usually to ensure time for the win (the pots on the third floor) or just really annoying and potential hazards (usually one of the Greater Birds on the second floor and the monkeys on the fourth floor) and when you get all of the potential treasure chests and time extensions, there really is no need to kill them for a potential of one or two more coins total. Anyway, we managed to get a ton of AF upgrade pieces, and I believe that Jess is now at a total of 4/5 of upgraded DRK pieces, which is just pretty cool. Eternalpain even came as his BLU because he wanted to test out his new Homam Corazza and it was pretty sweet.

After Limbus, we did three Assault runs to help get Lilkathy to the next Assault Rank, and we were successful in all three missions, ones that Lilkathy had never done before so she was able to rank up quickly so we will be able to do rank 2 Assaults the next go around. We are not really aiming to get any items in particular, we are just going to rank up and get a bunch of new Assaults done. I think on Fridays we are going to try to get 4 Assaults done, then on Mondays the other 3. I don't know how well that rotation works out or when the tags refresh, we will see how it works but on Friday we are going to do Preemptive Strike in Mamool Ja, Requiem in Dvucca Isle Staging Point and Lamia No.13 in Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point. I have already done two of these runs so only 7 rank up points for me, but I think that most of the other people with us, have only done one of these runs and I am sure that Lilkathy hasn't done any so that is 15 points for her, that means by next Monday she should be able to rank up again. We are going to skip Lebros Supplies because that is supposed to be ridiculously difficult to complete, so we will have to go back and do the Rank 1 Mamool Ja assault Imperial Agent Rescue and Orichalcum Survey to make sure that she actually gets the points to get to the third Rank. All this ranking up will also let us build up some points for Salvage.

Thats it for yesterday and the weekend, I got some other things done, but I have pictures for them that I have not yet uploaded so I will go over them tomorrow. Instead today, I want to go over some other things. How do you schedule events when there are do many events to do now? There are the obvious things people do like Sky and Sea, but these are not set amounts of time. It is even worse with the old HNMs, you know when the window is but it can change day to day, and even worse than that are the new HNM's with a 3-7 day window, I don't even understand how people can really camp these mobs. Then there are events like Limbus, Dynamis, Salvage and now Einherjar that can be planned and are limited in length. How are all of these events scheduled by an LS? How can you do everything? I don't even know anymore. I am beginning to think that it just isn't possible to do it anymore, and the true HNM LS may have its life shortened more and more as the number of events SE introduces or even as SE introduces more and more HNMs. The best idea, as I have mentioned to other people, is to decide what you want and aim for that. As an LS develops it moves in certain directions based upon the needs of its members, but an LS that wants to do everything in this day and age is going to get spread too thin, with too many divergent interests. So an LS needs to adapt or die. I think I have mentioned this before, but it is even more relevant as we get more and more events. At least we wont be getting anymore events before the next expansion but then the gates are wide open.

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