Friday, June 29, 2007

At some point you have to use logic...

I don't have proof that the person in the screenshot is buying Genbu items from the RMT they are standing next to...
but it doesn't take much to put 2 and 2 together. In the past month I have seen at least 3 different people obviously buying God drop items from RMT in Sky. And all three were JP people. I don't doubt that NA's also buy gil and items, but I don't think they are as brazen as these three JP players. This is a disturbing trend I believe, in that these people are being more open about their gilbuying. I am sure they would have prefered to not be seen by us, but its not like they ran off when we showed up, and its not like they didn't mind being seen next to an RMT, with no one else that could have been legitimate around besides my LS. I think NA's like the presumption that most people think that most other people aren't buying gil, but honestly, we all know. We use plausible deniability to allow it to happen and not have to say anything about, and they use it to not have to deal with the consequences of their actions. I know people that buy gil, and I am sure that they think they aren't hurting anyone, and honestly, its much harder for someone in an LS like mine to notice it as much as before Ullikummi was changed. But losing a Despot to RMT is more than any legitimate player should have to suffer. SE has actually done a great job dealing with RMT, but they still get many different monsters that we don't see and the people that buy gil directly support them. Just because you can't see it directly as much as you used to does not mean that it isn't just as bad. We used to be able to make money as a general player, at least even to get by on, at least enough from LS events to get the occasional big ticket item. Now, farming is need to just do Limbus, and the LS event gil is just enough to buy consumables. Honestly, this kind of economy is not sustainable, even gil buyers wont buy gil just so they can have sushi to xp with, so at some point this has to hit the bottom, and once the bottom has been hit then things will stabilize. RMT in their mad rush to get gil for money will inevitably shot themselves in the foot, bottoming out the market to a point where they will not be able to make anymore money than the common player. When will we hit this point? I don't know. And the worst part is they are doing this in the most undetectable way. RMT in Sky and at HNM and other places will get banned quite quickly, but crafting RMT actually can go without detection for quite some time, and are pretty easy to replace.

So, for everyone that buys gil or buys items from RMT and think they are doing no wrong: Screw you. You are ruining it for the rest of us. And thanks to SE for taking the problem seriously. Legitimate players do appreciate it.

Yesterday was pretty boring too, thus the RMT rant, but hey, we all need a good RMT rant every once in a while. I did get pretty close to 72 on WAR, and I can't wait for that and all the yummy gear that I get to wear at that time. Tonight we are doing more Assaults, and hopefully I will be able to get another rank up mission tonight. The faster I can rank up the faster I can get to my Perdu Blade. ^.^/

On an interesting side note, hopefully we will hear some news about the expansion this weekend from the Anime Expo that SE will be attending. My guess is that we will because they have made a big deal about this expo and we have heard nothing in over a month of the expansion, and man am I itching for more information. Honestly, the trailer for the expansion, after watching it about 10,000 times is that it sucks. Not that it is bad in absolute terms, just that it offered so little information that it was just a tease. Even the interviews about the expansion basically stated what the expansion was not rather than what it was. Here is my issue, SE has been teasing us for so long with the Far East, more and more of the storyline has revolved around characters from the Far East, that they better really deliver in this expansion if they are not going to do the Far East. This is especially true if they are not going to expand the current areas and are just going to replay old areas in a new time. So, its definitely time for more information from them, not just this little trailer. I am definitely waiting for more.

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