Monday, July 02, 2007

Full tilt.

There are 8 NM's in Sky. Despot, Faust, Mother Globe, Steam Cleaner, Brigandish Blade, Zipacna, Ullikummi and Olla. And yesterday in the span of 2 and a half hours we got them all. A full on Sky clear. It was great. Haven't done that in a LONG while, but actually it is a lot easier to do now that Ullikummi is spawned and the RMT just got wacked. In fact, while we were getting the NM's they appeared to be wiping to statues in the Shrine, apparently from magic aggro. The sad thing though is that we did fight Suzaku (trying to get it to drop the N. Feet for the long line of people that need them) and when we got there someone was already fighting. It was the RMT, and this weeks buy was Kahl. I was AFK at the time so don't have a screenshot, but I don't mind calling out gilbuyers whenever I get a chance, and before they try for plausible deniability, its hard to deny that you are with the RMT after they D2 you out... anyway, it was a great day for Versus, as we are sitting on a bunch of God sets, and next Sunday we have another Kirin. But I don't know what is happening with our crappy drops, but putting THF's in the alliance just nets us two Siren Hairs, D. Hands, and the scythe... In Versus, we never let anything go to waste but, handing out D. Hands is just ridiculous whenever already has them >.< Oh, well, drops will have to turn around soon. We have been doing very well collecting gems in Sky, but when none of the Gods drop anything we need then it just crazy.

Now, for the rest of the weekend, not much excitement. Did Arrapago Remnants but without much luck. It was our first time, we didn't get many drops at all, and our family BLM's (Lilkathy and Eternalpain) had a family emergency so we only had seven, we did pick up Rygar for our group, and I think Sholo is going to come next time (I did ask about it a little late, and he wasn't back until after we started). So with no BLM we were not able to kill any of the Qiqirns, but we have a much better strategy to do so next time. I know this Remnants sucks a LOT more than the rest of the them for cell drop rate, but it is what we are going to need to do first, because the gear in AR is the key gear for the rest of the zones.

I had some pictures to put up today, but of course I forgot to upload them. >.< I was late today anyway. I got my MNK to 32, its actually getting pretty strong, and I can pretty easily solo DC and EM mobs without any assistance, and with the new Signet, I don't have to take forever to rest, and Omoi's assistance tends to help a lot too. :) I think I can get Impact Knuckles now, they appear to be a little better than my Boreas Cesti, but the Cesti are so cool! Wind additional effect on every hit just looks neat. LOL Well, I don't really have much more for today. I wanted to talk about all the neat things that SE talked about for the expansion at the Anime Expo... but guess what... they didn't talk about the expansion AT ALL. Argh, I am so interested in the new expansion and they are giving me nothing... in fact they are going back, as they have updated the Aht Urhgan website to include Einherjar. Great, thanks. Ahh, well, maybe we will get some new information eventually.

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