Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blah... or how to fill blog space on a boring day.

Lets see, I helped Izman and Doyah with a Sandy mission and congrats to Izman on getting Rank 10 in Sandy, and then I leveled MNK to 30. Thats about it for yesterday, which leaves me quite a but of blog space to fill, and with what shall I fill it?

How about a nice little list of goals that I would like to achieve in the short term, that would be nice, but I don't know how much space it will fill.

Lets see, short term list:

1. Get WAR to 75. I have not had a job that has floundered on its way to 75 as much as my WAR. All the gear is purchased, everything is ready to go, I just need to level it. Kira needs to beat Maat first, which is the newest stumbling block. Maybe today after Sky we can go and skill up her Sword skill.

2. Get a level 35 drop from Salvage. I think this should have been our goal from the beginning, instead of level 15 gear, being that level 15 gear from SSR is 100% we can just get that later. So on Sunday we will start Arrapago to get the 35, then head to Bhaflau to kill the boss for 25 gear after we have a few 35 pieces, which may take a while.

3. Monky, Monk, Monk. I am liking my now level 30 MNK quite a bit, also its fun tanking with it. :) Don't really have to do much besides Provoke and punch. Lots of JA's to play with and fun stuff, can't wait to get Raging Fists and Counterstance. And at 31 I get another Martial Arts trait for quicker swings. :)

Further on my MNK, I am going to have to spend some time in Beaucidine. I am looking to pick up a pair of Boreas Cesti from Kirata and then a Nue Fang from well... Nue. And then its just Deadly Dodo to finish up my Brown Belt. I want to get this stuff done before the levels that I need them, but I don't think I am going to get Cross Counters, just can't see spending the money on gear that I am not going to use for endgame. Call me cheap, but I have a bunch of endgame jobs and I don't need the highest quality gear in between anymore, I can work with what I already have.

I think thats good for today, hopefully tomorrows blog wont be as bad.

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Hellzfury said...

Hope you don't have to camp DD for 9 hours straight like I did. I can't remember what my record on the drop was, I just know that was a long day cause for some reason there was actually competition.
As far as CC go, just use T.M. hooks, as just about any forum says, they're fine and by the time you can replace them the difference is minimal.