Friday, April 20, 2007

Total waste.

Blah, yesterday, not so good either. Sky was bland, getting beaten by RMT to claim everything and having GM's not care one bit. Limbus was much harder than expected, we did Temenos Central Floor 1 and everything was going really well until we got to the Weapon and the Pot, and for some reason we couldn't do any real damage to the weapon. I think our strategy was a bit flawed, as we only had 10 people and 3 were BLM but they were to hold back to be ready to -ga the mobs together, but we just struggled on accuracy on the Weapon, even though we handled the eye and the dragon without so much as a single problem. The Weapon just blew us away, and I don't know why. Oh well, at least next time we will get it right, we probably should have held off on this run until we had more people anyway. Kind of disappointing to lose a chip like that but it happens and we learn from it. Its just frustrating to lose when you didn't really do anything wrong just didn't have enough people. We could have easily done an Apollyon for my set. Frustrating. (It has been noted in the comments, that we got the pairings wrong, we tried to double check before the run but the Wiki was down and I thought we had the pairings correct, but I remembered longer pulls from when we did it before, that explains a TON about why the Weapon was so much harder than expected. LOL) After Limbus, we went to Sea to collect more organs for new Gorgets, which went just as swimmingly as Limbus. LOL We started doing Xzomits no problem, then moved inside to help Kaiya get some Aern organs... that sucked. We got tons of links for some reason and I ended up dying a bunch of times then heading to bed. We did get 1 HQ Aern organ though, so it wasn't a complete waste.

I have no pictures from yesterday, nothing interesting to report really. I will leave this open to add some more later on, because this post is like yesterday, lame. Its hard because nothing new is really happening on the FFXI front even though SE should be talking about the new version update soon I think. Maybe, maybe not. We will see.

I posted this elsewhere as my current thoughts on adding intermediate rewards to Salvage:

What is really missing from Salvage is intermediate rewards. Everything in the game has some kind of intermediate reward in this kind of situation. Dynamis has currency and crafting items, Limbus has coins and AF+1 upgrades, even HNM have junk and crafting item drops. You are not always going to get RDM hat from Xarc, you are only going to be able to do Omega or Ultima after collecting a certain number of chips, you aren't always going to get E. Body, Ridill or D. Ring. But you do get something for your effort. Once something for your effort is added, then there will be incentive to go even if you don't get the remnants piece. The pace at which people are getting Salvage gear for the quality of the pieces appears to be about right. Remember that Salvage gear really is downright amazing, and proper alternatives to some of the other gear already available. As a full set, they are better than most things in the game, and remember that some parts of abjuration gear sets are pretty much worthless. This isn't something people should just have piling up in their MH's. Adding intermediate rewards, whatever they may be, would make Salvage worth the effort because it would be something you would get even on runs that give no Salvage piece reward.


Aenarion said...

In regards to your temenos run, I hope you didn't think the pot and weapon were paired.. the ghost is paired with the pot, and the skeleton with the weapon. D: So you werent hurting the weapon cause it was SSJ.

I dont usually post on blogs myself because I dont have one D: but I hope that helps

Ringthree said...

That was probably it. LOL

Anonymous said...

salvage is fine, you put in the work you get your shit!