Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mmmm, tastes like suck.

Dynamis is a four hour long slog. This is made less sloggish by having nice AF drops sprinkled to and fro. In the starter cities, the drops are more common but of lower quality. In the outlands, the drops are fewer but of higher quality and thusly more treasured. Dynamis-Jeuno usually has something like 10-12 drops. But, oh, not yesterday. One, yes, one AF dropped. RNG head. 4 hours for 1 RNG head. That is suck defined. The run had limited numbers, no wipes, but only one AF. Out of the four essentially wasted hours of Dynamis here is the little entertainment I got. First, you know that crazy red light that is over the entrance to the palace that appears randomly sometimes, well, IT'S ACTUALLY THREE LIGHTS ZOMG! (Well, in this shot it is two, but trust me, its like 3 lights, and they expand and contract as other effects go off around them.) Yeah, that is how boring this run was, I was looking at the dots, waiting for something to drop. In fact, I declared my disgust with this zone, then the zone spoke back: LOL Poor Cherbui. Well, at least he was wearing decent gear this time. :)

After Dynamis, we tried to make a party for our level 60 jobs, which failed because of a lack of tanks, again. Then tried to level SAM and BRD and THF again, and that failed because we suck. LOL Links and such don't help, and staring at Iz's naked ass isn't that great either. I just went to bed after that, and had nightmares. Horrible nightmares. LOL

Dynamis kills my blog because it usually sucks, we hardly ever get good drops anymore. It's really sad. Anyway, there was some interesting information gleaned from the Japanese Special Development Interview with SE including but not limited to the following highlights.
* Salvage: They understand that it is hard and want it that way, but are interested in adding some intermediate rewards to draw people's attention to it.
*Nyzul: Weapons that come from Nyzul level 100 are definitely more than they appear to be.
*New Jobs: They are still going through adjustments, COR will still be getting more rolls with time, but can't be stated conclusively because they can't disclose where the game is heading.
*Expansion: Confirmed but no information.

I am hoping for a better translation than what has been provided so far, but I am not holding out much hope. Apparently, the discussion uses a lot of colloquialism making it a bit difficult to translate. But the most important thing I think to indicate here is that they intentionally mentioned that the 5 year anniversary of FFXI will coincide with an event/party that SE is having in mid-May... perhaps an expansion announcement?

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