Monday, April 23, 2007

Another out of town weekend.

The Taphouse Grill is a great little beer bar in Virginia Beach if you are interested. I was, and I tasted many of their fine brews, and I was pleased, but this lead me to be without much information to post about this weekend.

Here are a few things that I do know:
1. There has to be information on the new update relatively soon. The last update was the beginning of March, and we usually here about the new update a couple of weeks to a month in advance. Now, I might also be acting a little overambitious about this because they did patch in Chocobo Racing late in the month, and I think that I might have the dates confused about it. The next update might be in June instead of May, and if so, it could be a while before we get new information.

Honestly, there are a couple of reasons that I am interested in the new update. The first is that the last update was pretty much A+, no complaints, except maybe that Despot is now camped by RMT, instead of Ullikummi, but our claim rate is just fine even though I just hate losing anything to RMT. I hate the people that buy gil that support the RMT. I really could care less about any other indiscretions at this point as long as you don't buy gil. Buying gil is the ultimate in failure to me. Ahh, the RMT rate again, I knew that would come up eventually. LOL Anyway, the new update is going to include different things that people are really looking forward to, but have been able to taste already. Salvage interim rewards, ToAU storyline, Nyzul Isle weapons, etc. I think we are going to get some more job adjustments soon. DRG really could use with another Jump or two.

2. The next FFXI event, the 5th Anniversary party, is in early May. I am expecting the announcement of the next expansion, or at least the mention of it, the official confirmation of it. It is likely going to be the Far East, but it could be something else because most people speculated that ToAU was going to be the Far East. In this case though, it would be difficult to not to be the Far East, because Aht Urhgan is at war with the Far East and unlike before the last expansion where the only mention of the Far East was the origin of Tenzen, though not unimportant it did not imply the direction of the story, and other random mentions in item descriptions. For the next expansion, they have already directly mentioned them in the official announcements here: and have also mentioned in the storyline that the Yagudo armies of the Far East are ready to advance on Aht Urhgan. I could even see an easy explanation of how this conflict plays out affects the next kind of battle system like Conquest and Besieged.

Definitely looking forward to May as a busy month for the game.

As for me, I just did a couple of God's yesterday, and shocking on Genbu, Izman got the kill shot and even more shockingly it dropped two Aquarian Hands. Izman's TH is better than everyone else. Izman TH makes double drops inevitbale. LOL I swear we get more double drops since that one Omega run with the two heads than anything else. Also did a Seiryu and Aable got Dryadic Head, after almost losing it to a DC at the end of the fight. After that a couple of us went to Sea to finish up some organs for gorgets. I now have enough for my Soil Gorget Glacian got enough for his Flame Gorget, and Pb and Aable are on the way to getting their gorgets too.

I have some screenshots that I didn't download that prove Izman's double drop ability, and some other neat things. We have Limbus and Sea tonight, then probably level WAR and BRD with Aable's DRK to catch up with Glacian's NIN. That will be fun. :)


ice said...

10 gil says there will not be another expansion.

Izman said...

If there is another expansion I'm sure they are going to tack it into ToAU like Zilart cause there is still so much missing from ToAU that would take probably to long to update befor a expansion was finished.

P.S. I don't know what I'm talking about and I'm awsome. IRON WILL FTW!!!

Ringthree said...

Ice, I will bet you any amount of gil there will guaranteed be another expansion.

Thazienne said...

Damn PLD TH; keeps me out of a job >.O!