Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Supply run.

You know, I would love to have witty and entertaining post title everyday. That would be my goal, like a daily goal. Something nice for the reader to latch onto while reading the entry, a nice little bow tied around the gift of the blog. Today's title should have meaning, and it should have substance, but it doesn't. It is the result of a convoluted thought process and delusional mental wanderings. Something about lacking the resources to create a good title, thus needing new provisions, or "supplies". Thus the run to get those supplies, and thus the title. The bow today is rather tattered and ill-tied. Ah well, some days you are Monet and some days you are a 2nd grader with finger paint.

Anyway, Limbus last night, very successful, did Temenos Central West to make up for our lost chip from last Thursday. Finally got good item and time chest drops. The chest was floating in the air, interesting enough for me to screenshot it, and Glacian got the second half of his SAM upgrade on the last chest of the zone. So, we will be trying the paired Temenos run again, with the proper pairs this time ^.^/ After the run, we popped another Jailer of Fortitude, and again no drop on the Torque. The axe? Well the axe is a story for another day.

In my opinion, I would like to do one more Jailer of Fortitude before we do Faith, because Faith is a nasty caster and Fortitude is a bit of a joke, we basically cut our time in half for Fortitude on the second kill. I was quite pleased with the speed of Fortitude, but for Faith we will need to have different positioning, and have everyone moving a lot more. Should still be relatively easy, but no reason to take big risks. Actually... LOL We have so many pop items it shouldn't be an issue.

After Fortitude, Thaz, Omoi (Kira), Aable and I headed out to get some XP. It didn't go that well at first. Then after replacing the tank we were going again. We got to level 61 in this party, after working to get about 4k back that I had lost from the previous party. I got to use my Amemet Mantle +1 and my Minuet Earring. :) We stayed up pretty late in this party, and hopefully we will get a little farther this week and maybe able to catch up to Glacian on his 66 NIN so we don't have to worry about pick up tanks from now on.

Now for some other random things I have lying around. First is Izman's PLDx2 TH. Very effective when you want two A. Hands. Not very effective when you want decent Homam pieces. LOL

Omoi and I helped Doyah with finishing Sandy 6-2. It was a cactuar that likes to spam 1000 Needles, and I pulled it close to all three of us so that it would distribute the damage but Doyah kept moving to stay out of range. LOL Well, it never hit outside of 1000 Needles, so it wasn't that bad at all. I like this shot of fighting it, I look all posed to strike.

Finally, this is Kaiya, enjoying themselves, while I was dead. Ummm... I really needed a quick raise on this one, or wait... no... that didn't sound right either. I should have just homepointed. LOL


iceyb said...

you doubled up on your pics.

Izman said...

lmao you should have homepointed!