Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What can Izman do for you?

Apparently, he gives you TH5. Seriously, if you need something just let Izman kill it. The drop rate with an Izman related kill is 100%, unless like you don't need two Homam heads. LOL Did pretty well in Sky last night considering the fact that the RMT's new favorite camp is Faust. LOL No full sets which was kind of weird, so no God's, but it happens just very rarely. I know that Versus does God's differently than most LS's but its nice to do God's and stuff at almost every event. Keeps people on their toes.

After sky Izman, Glacian, Omoi, Sholo and I helped Sonik, a person that wanted to join Versus, to get Sky access. I hadn't done this in a while, but it was fun to repraise it. The last time I did this was a while ago, but it was definitely fun. The best part is that it was only ZM6 on, so no running around getting fragments. So we headed to Quicksand Caves and quickly routed the Anticans there, with the set up of NIN, NIN, WAR, SAM, WHM, SMN. So no sleepga, and we just basically solo/duo'ed them, pretty simple, and we were off to Return to Delkfutt's Tower and the brother fight. It like most fights in this game that you do more than once wasn't as hard the second time around. I have started using more Evasion gear for fights like this, it just makes things easier, even though my evasion gear is nothing to write home about, and I don't use evasion earrings because it is a lot to give up in the ear. Maybe when I get an Ethereal Earring I will swap that in for the Brutal Earring in my Evasion set up, but I don't want to over load on evasion, and end up gimping my ability to keep hate. Anyway, the Kam'lanaut fight was really easy, and it was dead before I even noticed.

I glanced down at like 90%, then I was putting up a set of shadows to get ready for a Blade: Jin and I couldn't get my shadows up, they just wouldn't cast, then I realized it was because Kam'lanaut was already dead. LOL

As a side note, on the way up the tower, we ran into Butcher who was having a bit of trouble soloing Alkyoneus, so we helped out. Once we got there it died really quickly and he even got the drop.

After the BCNM, Sonik was off to do a ton of cutscenes, Glacian and Sholo had to go, so Omoi went AFK for a bit and Izman and I went to QSC to just mess around. I had my NPC on me, so I popped out Zenji and Iz and I started clearly mobs around the Pendragon NM (which never popped). It was my NPC's best day yet. Most of the time he is an idiot, but he did manage to finally something productive, like removing Silence. Not only that, but Zenji also hit level 35. So... like congratulations, I guess. LOL When Omoi and Sonik showed we headed out to the Ancient Vessel to finish things up. Unfortunately, Sonik was a bit overanxious and clicked the ??? without knowing what it would do. LOL So we got worm aggro with the pot and got back to back -ga'ed and we died. So Omoi had to home point and run all the way back, she grabbed Akeem to come and help out with getting the Galka doors open. Then we popped the pot again and slaughtered it. :)
Pretty light day overall, but I did recap XP on my NIN in all the running around,

Tomorrow I think I am going to post my crappy Evasion set up and what I would like my set up to be, and get your thoughts on it.


iceblazek said...

geeze i go to bed and miss all the cool shit.

Ringthree said...

LOL Not really.

iceblazek said...

well i thought the alkys went to one of you guys.. or someone i knew... still i dont know where you can find all the time to do this stuff.

Izman said...

I hope he didn't sell those.

Nivaud said...

great grammar, "... successfully removed Ringthree's silenced."

(b^^)b great proofreading SE