Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two for Tuesday.

I actually stole the title from someone in LS chat after our second Byakko. The first one resulted in two Dryadic: Legs abjurations as can be seen here: The second was two Neptunal: Hands abjurations as seen here: A very nice haul for many different people in the LS. I believe Akanea and Elfaria got the Shura legs and Biblo and Pb got the Hecatomb hands, and in fact Kingscissom made a set of cursed mitts for Pb after the run and managed to get a set of -1's. Pretty cool indeed. We are getting a lot of things for people that deserve them in the LS. For some reason it is really rough still just getting to Byakko, people not bringing sneaks, etc. but we have a lot of new people right now and I am sure they will work it out.

Right after Sky, I helped Rygar and Omoi to kill an NM for the Dainslaiff for Rygar's PLD. On the way there, I encountered a nice sandstorm. I have always been fascinated by these, just thought they looked cool. Anyway, we headed down to grab the Proconsul which was already up luckily. We got a link on the pull but handled it just fine. I just took this screenshot during the fight, but after looking back on it I thought it turned out really well. Fighting a huge Antican in a darkened hallway, green light effects and everything. Gives it that eerie battle effect. I like the shot a whole lot.

Anyway, after that I wanted to level WAR and BRD, but it has just been very hard to find a tank at level 60 the last couple of days so we just switched to BRD and SAM, and Izman joined us on his THF. And while we were just running around Elfaria was having a bad time on their PLD with a noob party so we picked them up too! We were a happy-go-lucky bunch, just killing mobs for lots of XP, Hellzfury was PLing us the whole time, soon Elfaria had to go, and a sinister plot seemed to be forming in Hellz's mind... MURDER! Actually, it was pretty funny, we had moved down to the trees on the beach, because we thought the new Bounty Hunters were pretty easy to take care of... they weren't really. Add that with an IT crab and you have a recipe for disaster. The nice thing is that I did manage to kill the crab that killed us, with a Soul Voice requiem, right after I died! Oh sweet musical revenge! Omoi and I got to 16 on BRD and SAM and Izman was not far behind getting 15 on his THF, hopefully we can do this again tonight after Dynamis. It was really fun.


Izman said...

Just another forever till thf is 37 and I can sub it for steeeeel cyyyyyyclooooooone!

Hellzfurt said...

wooo that was fun to raise and keep those gobbies dead off of 320 MP *flex* Ya, I know, I rock.... what... you wanted to get a cure?