Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I love Fish and Chips.

Thanks Omoi for the Fish and Chips, they are yummy. LOL Anyway, yesterday was Limbus, first time Versus did a second-tier Temenos. Elementals that turned into Mystic Avatars. We had a little bit of roughness on Ifrit, initially because I got wacked by a huge Flaming Crush. ; ; Then it got pulled up by the mages and 2 houred, which definitely sucked, but we picked outselves up and finished it off. Carbuncle was a joke in comparison, though because of our troubles with Ifrit we were low on time, and Carbuncle took forever to two hour and we were holding off on damage until after it two-houred to be sure that the mages didn't pull hate. Ended up finishing with something like 2 minutes left, so a close call but we definitely know how to do it for next time. Only got a DRK drop and Jess already had his so it was basically just wasted, but a decent coin haul for an upper level Temenos run. My guess is that this one and the Temenos with paired monsters are probably the two hardest Temenos upper level zones. The upper-level Beastmen should really be no problem outside of the the last mob's Astral Flow, but it is just an inevitability and should easily be a win. Doing these the first time is much more difficult than doing them after some practice. Even though we are doing some Temenos runs, I think we are definitely going to have to do a few more Omega's before we do Ultima. The only Omega we have done was a bit dicey and a little more practice on the easier boss should smooth things out for Ultima.

After Limbus we did some Yovra hunting. Pretty easy over all, things would only get funny when it would Charmga, and everyone would start running after the BLM's. I guess we killed something like 8 of them for everyone. Considering how easy these are to beat, I am surprised that people consider them a problem. Just basically two darkness skillchains and they are dead. It was nice to get these organs, but I would really like to try to do another Sea god next week or more Ix'aerns. More Sea weapons would be nice, we definitely have a few WARs and MNKs that would like the axes and knuckles, and getting the torques would always be great. Maybe for next week. Just on a side note we only did Om'yovras in the Limbus areas, because the drop rate is 100%, they are a little more difficult than the NQ Yovra's but they are still really easy.

After finishing up getting Yovra organs, Izman and I had a short party, but it was NIN, WAR, WAR, RDM, BRD, BRD. ^.^/ Sweet. :) We made something like 20k in just over an hour, got 2 merits, but haven't spent them yet. I think it is going into something SAM related since I use that second most, and as my priority job in Dynamis. Overthrow is my big first thought, but it could be sometime different when I get around to actually spending the points. Well, I pretty much went to bed right after this party, so nothing major happened last night, definitely very little to SS for the blog.

So, with limited SS's for the blog, where do I go today? I was thinking about AF +1 items, but I am thinking that I might save up the coins for something different, maybe just sell them, for something... larger. We will see. But, now for the drooling, I have peaked at the different AF +1 but I haven't really done a fair analysis of each set, and I have a full set for NIN, SAM and RNG now. I guess, I am looking at the Myochin Kote +1 for the obvious boost in STR over my current Hachiman Kote, which are marginal at best for my needs. I also prefer the Myochin +1 because of the DEX over say some kind of Gigas bracelets, because I do use /WAR most of the time in Dynamis for my SAM. Now the Myochin Haidate +1 are also a very good option for the simple fact that I just use plain old Myochin Haidate right now for TP build which is just really gimp. Now these are no where as good as the Kote but far superior to my current gear. I don't know, I think I would rather have the hands than the legs thinking about it. So that puts me at Ninja Tekko +1 and Myochin Kote +1... Too much to upgrade, not enough coins. LOL

Well, thats it, have Sky today, and then a small Dynamis-Jeuno tomorrow. Hopefully, WAR AF2 hands will go free lot, and I can get them for like 4 points. That is the only thing I can think that I would need for WAR from Dynamis any time soon.

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brandon said...

I agree with the the +1 choices i would definatly get the NIN hands +1 first because its the job you play the most and the SAM hands +1 second for only dynamis.