Monday, April 16, 2007

Attempts to be efficient are snuffed once again.

Even when you try to make a party and you try to have it start in an efficient manner, it will always take 30-45 minutes to start. This is an iron law of FFXI, usually the end is that you have an efficient party or something like that, but sometimes it just ends too early. I had a party on my WAR on Saturday that could have easily gotten me to 62-63 but I am the on that needed to go. Leaving a party that is making 300+ xp per kill at level 60 without an Empress Band makes the baby Jesus cry. Ah well, I did get to level 60, but Kira still doesn't have her Opo-opo crown and that needs to be resolved immidiately. She still needs Windurst fame, but that should not be a problem... actually with the way that Omoikitte does quests, it could take forever. Ahh well, we have Limbus tonight then Sea, so it will have to happen before or after that.

This weekend wasn't that eventful as I was busy with other things, but I did manage to XP, and got to do so in Mamook in a new area. Its definitely not as good as I had hoped. Wyverns and Crabs aren't too great to chain on. Didn't get any chains high enough to mention, and then there was this guy. He prevented us from moving all around the camp, and when we fought him it didn't go that well with the set up we had, and constant Aerogas didn't help us to beat him, so we just ended up avoiding him. I did get my last two merits for Katana level 8 though, which is nice. I have basically maxed out what I want to do for NIN damage-wise. I could do Subtle Blow and Ninja Tool Expertise, but I can't see anything else I would want to waste merits on for NIN. I think I am just going to use my Merits to help out my SAM and RNG which have very nice merit abilities. Overwhelm to level 3 would be awesome.

Outside of some WAR and NIN xp I didn't have time to do very much, I did a wee bit of crafting, but its slow work with the synth I am using right now. LOL I could have it done faster if I could focus on it for more than like 10 seconds. I did get to take a few neat shots though, like me in WAR AF. See that chest? So sexy! And then this rather funny picture that if you know this person, you will understand why it is so funny. Thats it for today, I will have some more for tomorrow.


Drone said...

I paid RMT to kill Kirin for me ^^

Ringthree said...

HAHAHAHAHA, quality comment!