Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some more merits.

I merited again last night, staying up too late as always. LOL Anyway, it was a simple Mire party because we couldn't grab a BRD, for which Iceblazek won the parse. Izman was testing out his new Fortitude Axe, and blowing through Virtue Stones quite quickly, but still parsing lower than he would have if he was using dual Axes, but he also had quite a bit to go before capping his Great Axe skill and still needs Steel Cyclone. So a couple of parties like that and he will be fine. Just had some fun, nothing special about the party except that I got 2 more merits for 3 total, and, of course, I forgot to put them into Katana before logging in Sky for the night. Oh well, I can't see using them for anything in particular in Sky and I can just use them whenever we are done. Ahh, well it was a fun party and Ice is a bit paranoid about parsing results, but then again, he is a bit paranoid about everything. LOL

We did SW Apollyon last night again, building our second Omega set, very easy run and very successful. We cleared the last floor of elementals with three minutes or so left on the clock. The only thing I would have changed about the run is that we should have had the BLM's burn the last tree on the Trent floor because it always gives the melee a bit of trouble with the nasty shadow wiping AoE, but outside of that a very successful run. Immediately after the run we headed to the Garden to pop Jailer of Fortitude. Surprisingly this Jailer was a lot less difficult than we anticipated even though our initial strategy for the fight was just a bit off. We had planned to try to pull one of the Kf'Ghrah and just quickly Zerg it while Izman kited the Fortitude and Elf kited the other Kf'Ghrah, but they were having none of that and just stuck to Izman. So we just quickly switched up our strategy and just had multiple kiters for Fortitude and had everyone just take down each Ghrah quickly. Then just kited and held Fortitude for SC's. This wasn't very difficult at all, and was a quite enjoyable fight. ^.^/ The only people that died was the occasional BLM who got wacked with a Vorpal Blade after a particularly good nuke, and the a RDM or two that got hate from constant Gravities and nuking, which were actually landing quite well. It didn't take very long for our first Fortitude fight, it can probably be tanked straight up, but I can see sticking hate without being able to get a decent SATA off could be a bit difficult. Especially since almost all of our damage was coming off of bursted SC's.

Sky today, keeping quite busy is very nice. Probably wont run very late, so I think helping Kirameki complete her Opo-opo crown and completing G3 will be my priority after Sky. Then just some more leveling if it doesn't get too late. I am looking at my WAR gear and I am thinking I am pretty much set through to 75 on that. Just need to get two axes, and even then one of them will also be beneficial for my RNG too. In a completely different note we finally got some money from Sky which helped everyone in the LS a ton, it is so nice to be able to do Sky again. LOL The poor RMT are left with just cockblocking in Sky now because they can't sell gems, they are basically just farming Kirin for Shining Cloths which is just about laughable. Sure it hurts us trying to sell items for LS money but at least we are able to get gear from many of the Gods we haven't been able to for about 2-3 months.

Thats it for today. ^.^/


Izman said...

Lets pop more sea gods i would'nt mind having everything!

Ringthree said...

Damn right, and we have ton's of pop items too :)

iceb said...

jailor of love prz

Moe said...

Good plan man, get going and then worry about Salvage again XD
good luck.