Monday, April 09, 2007


This is what wandering around gets you. Ranged shots that go through shadows make the baby Jesus cry. Anyway, had a relatively busy weekend, missed Friday dealing with some family stuff, but I definitely got to XP some when I got back from that, and got a good deal of merits. Dumped all of them into Katana, which is now level 3 with 1 left over. Only need now, what like 13 more to cap it out, orz. Oh well, we have Limbus and Sea tonight, but after that is going to be XP time, and I would like to have at least level 4 Katana by the end of the night, if not more. I would like this to round out my NIN which I have been neglecting for a while, since there is not much more after Katana for NIN merit-wise that I already don't have done, I will start filling in the holes I have on other jobs like RNG and SAM, which do have a lot of beneficial merit abilities.

Speaking of that merit party on Friday, we spent most of the day at the Greater Colibri camp, fighting the occasional Wivre. Rather interesting to fight as they do not turn, much like regular dragons. And I believe they have different attack forms depending on where you stand. In the front you do little damage, but it attacks more slowly, while from the rear you can do more damage, but it attacks more quickly and it double attacks more often. Maybe I am just dreaming that I noticed this difference, but it seemed rather apparent. I have noticed that many different Aht Urhgan mobs have different modes of attack. Like the puddings have two different modes, one normal and one with spikes bubbling out of its head. Colibiri have the same kind of mode switch also, shifting from open mouth and closed mouth modes. I have no idea the significance of these modes though. I haven't noticed a damage or resistance difference.

We did some light Sky farming yesterday because of Easter, but it was rather successful. Outside of the whole weakened with no shadows stunning of a statue in Ullikummi's room getting a link then getting my face eaten thing. That didn't go well, lol. Oh well, it was all in fun. Still rather productive. Getting Zip while farming Diorite is great, but getting Zip because it aggros the BRD and watching the BRD scramble into the room with Zip is toe is just hilarious. Also hilarious is this:

In random NM news, found Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha floating around, and being interested in the Fowling Earring, I got a couple of people to come and help out with it all we got though was two earth crystals. >.< Then while Omoi and I were leveling BRD and SAM with Izman helping out, we ran into Stray Mary all we got was a Mary's Milk. Oh well, never been that great with NM drops but it was fun time for all. It was a rather bland weekend outside of that, so hopefully things will be better tonight for a more exciting update.

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Izman said...

Well at least the Sky NM's dropped there drops >.>;