Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sucks. Really sucks.

I was trying to come up with a better title for this thread but really couldn't come up with anything. Anyway, we beat Byakko and it finally dropped Haidate. Then my computer crashed right before I could lot (It was mine for the lotting) and I couldn't get on until the second that it distributed. So congratulations to Gordor for getting the Haidate. I am just going to leave it at that, still a bit upset about that one. XD

Compiled on that I got sick again yesterday, so sick and disappointed and puking (yeah, you wanted to know that LOL) I spent pretty much the whole day at meriting and got 7 merits in a great party. Got to chain 195 in the mire, should have been able to get to 200+ but people started piling into the zone at about chain 100. It was actually surprising to see us get to 195 before it broke. I put them all into Katana merits, which are now at level 6, only about 5 more merits and I will have that all capped out.

We had Dynamis-Xarcabard yesterday and it sucked too. The run wasn't good, the drops weren't good, and it was just a slog. Let me be clear on this, NIN in outlands sucks. They don't do any damage on the demons after the first pull and they just give the mobs lots of TP. Double handed weapons are much more efficient in terms of damage verse TP given to mobs. Anyway, this is Omoikitte the traitor, look she is now Bastokan and at least she has finally picked the right nation. Went farming for air tanks directly after Dynamis but it didn't go very well, and I just went to bed relatively early.

Not a very exciting two days, in fact they pretty much sucked. Hopefully, today will be better.


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Izman the sandy man said...

I had to double check to see if you said she has picked the right nation and I disagree!~

Thazienne said...

Congrats go out to Gordor for being in the right place at the right time...but at least they were not lost from everyone passing. I heard from a little birdy that you might have 3 more sets of kitty pants to spawn...just need a couple despots. *grins*