Thursday, April 05, 2007


Fact: Thazienne is the greatest person ever.

Fact: Izman is the funniest person ever.

Fact: I am obsessed with gear.

Sorry about no blog yesterday.

Anyway, lets see. Got another Shinning Cloth off of Suzaku, I know this is supposed to be really rare, but we actually get them quite often. Too bad they aren't worth as much as they used to be, but they are definitely worth something. Nothing much to write home about, but I did have a picture of it.

Yesterday, Kira and I went to level WAR and BRD. I must say she looks very nice in her new coat. :) Started out at level 57, and got to 59 and can finally wear a Haubergeon. I was surprised that we were able to get that far on Lesser Colibri in Wajaom, we actually had two parties here, and it further exposes the naivety of many people when it comes to XP especially in the new
zones. The first party was NIN, WAR, WAR, THF, BRD, WHM, this party was pretty good but we were not able to eat food, especially meat, because we would immediately take hate off of the NIN even with SATA. So the WARs and the NIN just had to not eat food and deal with it. Now the second party, we had PLD, DRK, WAR, THF, BRD, WHM, and I was able to eat food because the PLD could actually hold hate, and we ended up making more XP because we could eat meat and not have to worry about losing it every 2 mobs. *Sigh* Definitely being repetitive here. I wish I didn't have to be, now don't get me wrong, I like the nice burn party as much as the next guy, but I don't exclusively engage in the exclusive thought process that follows with such parties. Anyway, we had a nice time in Wajaom and it was nice to progress out of silly looking body pieces into nicer gear. I didn't bring my Siphai gear with me, but I would like to talk to Aable about how to balance STR and Attack for Rampage, I am going to focus on STR at this level but will have to think about balancing it out a little bit once I move to 70+.

Omoi and I were going to try to level SAM and BRD again, but it was late and we got tired. I look silly in BRD gear, but I like playing it so far. ^.^/

In game related news, it appears that there has been the first confirmation of the next expansion coming in the most recent Premier Site meeting with SE. It will probably finally be the Far East and I wouldn't be surprised if we heard more about it in the near future. It is getting toward the summer and SE usually does a fan appreciation thing around this time, and it would be a great time to hear about the new expansion. I can't believe it has already been a year since the last expansion. o.o; Not much else to mention today. Kind of a short entry, sorry about that. All I did yesterday was just XP. If I find something new to post about, I will do that later. :)

No one ever leaves comments, so I have to come up with the content for the blog daily and sometimes its just hard to come up with something original everyday. I have been listening to Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha at work, because sports radio just sucks right now. I would suggest listening to these if you just like to hear people talking about FFXI. The guys on both shows are pretty low levels and don't know much about end-game, but at least it is fun to listen to in general, reminisce about being a noob again. But they do their shows weekly or even less often and don't always have good content, so I don't feel too bad about not having amazing content everyday. And if people actually left comments I would have more to comment on and new directions to move the blog in.

And now your daily Aable reminder!

I am going to start with the best way to help Aable as he is going through his physical troubles, as per his request.
After Dealing with ulcerative colitis since around 2003, finally things have gotten bad enough I have been in the hospital since St. Patrics day. I decided I will be going in for surgerie. March 29 sometime in the afternoon. I will be having Laparoscopic abdominal colectomy and ileostomy for any of you medicaly intersted people. Basically my large intestine will be totally removed. and i will have a poo pouch for a while. Then basically a section of my small instestine is formed into a new mini Colin while this is all going on called a j pouch. and my digestive tract is reconnected though that. my estimated recovery time in the hospital is somewhere around a couple weeks followed by other outpatient recovery.

In all I should end up with a better quality of life then i have been dealing with for the past few years so wish me luck. If you see someone around as me the next few weeks its (Exodus(Wargod))rob)

--On another note, since this sucks so bad anyone who wants to do something cool for me, please corrdinate with Ringthree; I am trying to see If i can get the foodnetwork to give me a free Trip to see Emeril Live maybe even convince him to do a special show basied on my condition or UC in general.----

Kelly Beattie

Ok, so here is what you can do. Send a e-mail to Emeril Live via the Food Network. If you don't know what exactly to say, or if you don't know Aable but just want to help him out, then please just use the following message. Cut and paste, easy as the proverbial pie.
Hello, my name is (put your name here) and I writting on behalf of a close friend Kelly Beattie. Kelly is currently suffering from Ulcerative colitis (Ulcerative colitis is a form of colitis, a disease of the intestine, specifically the large intestine or colon, that includes characteristic ulcers, or open sores, in the colon) which has currently confined him to a hospital and has severely limited his ability to eat as he wishes. I was hoping that you could help him in his time of need. Kelly has a great love of life, and his greatest love in life is food. Even though suffering from UC, he manages to entertain himself and friends with cooking and the stories of how much he loves to cook. His current hospitalization has prevented him from being able to engage in cooking for obvious reasons. So I am writing on behalf of Kelly to ask if you could do something for him, in the form of having Kelly on Emeril Live! and focusing an episode on how to person suffering from UC can learn to cook for themselves in a healthy and enjoyable way. UC takes so much of what Kelly loves, and I was hoping that you could take the time to help Kelly, and embrace Kelly's wish that people with UC learn that they can enjoy eating and learn to cook in a healthy manner for themselves!

Thank you so much for listening, Kelly will appreciate it!
(Your name here)

Just spam them! Send as many or as few e-mails as you like! Aable will appreciate it and hopefully he will be back soon with a new and improved colon! LOL


Lauren said...

Hey Ring.. long time reader, always see you running around in whitegate..
Was looking at the post about Aable, and while it's a fantastic idea to help the guy... How would they get in contact with him, if they do? There's no email address provided, that I saw. I'd be more than happy to do the email thing, but.. yeah.. XD

Aidan ~

Ringthree said...

Good point, I will add my e-mail to the message tomorrow.

Nivaud said...

Until SE fixes Dynamis drops, HNM camping, and gets farther with the STFU - Special Task Force Unit (thats some funny shit) they will lose many longtime players who have "been there, done that" and are tired of having to stand in 1 spot for 3 hours everyday onlypaying attention 30 seconds for 7 windows.

Instancing HNM would create such a better atmosphere, but SE has their hands tied because they signed a deal with PS2 and they can only do so much when they have to provide content for a system that is far inferior to a PC.