Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Obsession is fun!

So, in an attempt to avert doing work today, I have come up with my respectable RNG at 75 gear for TP build and WS's. My initial impression was that STR and AGI should be considered equally, and as I still have accuracy problems prior to level 70 I have been generally following this rule, but with the massive abundance of ranged accuracy at level 70, I am switching my focus to STR. This is something I have learned about relatively recently, as I used to think AGI was still good at endgame. It seems this is not true, as AGI's modifier for WS's although larger is not equal to STR even if STR is not a part of the individual modifier for the WS. This is because STR vs. VIT is always a consideration in a melee attack, now for a melee this is not as important because its a small difference on mobs that have more VIT than your STR, so Accuracy and Attack will be more important than STR will ever be, for a single melee swing, but for Ranged Attacks the modifier for STR is doubled versus VIT so it is easy to hit the cap of STR against VIT, and thusly why I get so many capped shots against mire mobs. So when on a regular melee it would be a ridiculous idea to use STR while building TP, on a RNG it has a much larger effect, because it has a much larger effect per shot, and it increases your potential cap which is easy to hit on each shot. Now thats alot of information and I am just learning it, but apparently its something I shouldn't know too much about because ranged accuracy and Sidewinder aren't high enough before 70 to justify massive stacking of STR.

Anyway, here are my lists, open as always for criticism, especially from long term RNG's.

TP Build:
Main: Woodville's Axe
Off: Kriegsbeil
Now there are many different alternatives here, like Fransisca and Trailer's Kurki and I will likely get the Woodville's Axe and match it with Fransisca until I can afford the Kriegsbeil.
Ranged: Selene's Bow (Until I can get an Eurytos' or Vali's Bow).
Ammo: Scorpion Arrow (Yes, I know but they are awesomely cheap and not that much less damage than much more expensive alternatives)
Head: Optical Hat
Neck: Ranger's Necklace, Jagd Gorget or Qiqirin Collar
Earrings: Vision Earring, Triumph Earring (Now Triumph is a little expensive for my meager income so I might just stick with a Drone until I get one, also, I am using two Drones right now, because I don't have a Vision yet, but I need to get one anyway, probably going to get it with AP's instead of money)
Body: Pahluwan Khazagand, Hunter's Jerkin +1, Kirin's Osode (I don't know if the Hunter's Jerkin +1 is worth the coins or the time, and the Kirin's Osode is still a bit off but with sky being unbroken shouldn't be that hard to get)
Hands: Seiryu's Kote or Crimson Finger Gauntlets (Which is better for Archery?)
Rings: Behemoth Rings
Back: Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Precise Belt or Royal Knight's Belt +1 (Probably going with the RK Belt, until I get the AP for Precise Belt)
Legs: A real conundrum. I currently have Jaridah Salvars, which suck, but I want to use Pahluwan Seraweels which are the best for this slot, but they come from the same Assault area as my Amir Boots, which would be very good for my SAM and WAR and DRG. I have decent alternatives for my SAM and DRG and my RNG is much further along than my WAR, so I think I will just get these for my RNG now, and save again for Amir Boots later. Scout's Braccae and Galliard Trousers are also decent alternatives.
Feet: War Boots until Scout's Socks.

WS gear:
Main: Woodville's Axe
Off: Kriegsbeil
Same issue here, Fransisca and Trailer's Kukri still good options.
Ranged: Selene's Bow (Until I can get an Eurytos' or Vali's Bow).
Ammo: Kabura Arrows
Head: Wyvern Helm
Neck: Breeze Gorget
Earrings: Triumph Earring, then either Genin or another Triumph or a Minuet Earring.
Body: Pahluwan Khazagand, Hunter's Jerkin +1 or Kirin's Osode (Basically same deal as above)
Hands: Seiryu's Kote or Crimson Finger Gauntlets (Which is better for Sidewinder?)
Rings: Raja's Ring and either a Garrulous Ring or a Ruby Ring. I am leaning toward Garrulous Ring because it would seem to me that 3 AGI for WS would still be better than just 1 STR. And its what Borin uses, so I will follow him on that one.
Back: Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Warwolf Belt
Legs: Pahluwan Seraweels
Feet: Rutter Sabatons

So, there is my current gear obsession, I would love to hear suggestions, comments and criticism! Thanks :)


Slickdarula said...

Sorry for late post but i wanted to add my two cents.

STR i think yes is a big factor but i think agi still factors a big part in WS. When i was 74, i was using the of course, my favorite, the O.bow!! Since i usually go all STR for food, i would occasionally miss a Slug shot here or there. After i dinged 75, i threw on the K.Osode, and the S.Kotes, which is an extra +25 Agi right there, and i didn't miss another Slug the rest of the night. So i think AGI is a good balance for @ least connecting your Slug/sidewinder.

You are correct on not building so much STR, luckily, for your race class, u have a natural abundance of it, and being that you probably merited it as well, your coming to rng with nice Attributes :) I used to change to out str but now only thing i change is my Af1 pants when i do barrage and back to my dusk trousers.

Another thing, if you have the crimson hands, I would wear them until u can wear S.Kotes. The Af1+1 hands are really nice as well.

Another thing, try equipping one beh ring and one str ring and see how that works. @ 70 i think one is enough, but I have a P.charm so i could be wrong. E.bow is cool but in XP pts i love the O.bow cause its quick and you can still get uber damage without the long delay w/ the bow.

Well thats my two cents, good luck!

Anonymous said...

obow fucking blows