Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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I don't know what it is with Cox lately but any time after about 2 AM or so my internet just dies a horrible death, and I can't get back on. It happened again last night and its pissing me off, but they are always like "Oh, it couldn't be us!" Yes, your crappy connections for the last, I don't know, forever, have never been your fault. So Cox is today's WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD! ;) /wave Ailee.

Anyway, I got on and went to camp Simurgh but apparently someone must have claimed it right after the servers went back up because Iceblazek was there really quick and we waited for the full window then 30 minutes. I can tell you that standing around waiting for NM's to pop has to be the most exciting thing that SE has to offer. People tell me that there are actually people for which this is actually the thing they enjoy most in the game, and to those people I say, bring me this mythical creature and I will bring you a Unicorn and we can trade, straight up. On the way to Simurgh I saw this weirdness: Does anyone know what this is? I saw it through the wall on the way down to the exit to Simurgh's area. I would love to know what it is, or what it is for, or if it is just something stupid that I haven't noticed before. Anyway, after that it was off to level my RNG.

I picked up Bg who needed some xp on his PLD, Izman who was trying to get his last Double Attack upgrade, Iceblazek who wanted to get to 72 on his THF so he could use his Blau Dolch, Illius who wanted some more merits to upgrade Slow II and Paralyze II, and a random WHM that was doing ok, but tended to go AFK a bit. Sure, I was only 68 and gimping the party a bit, but I was still doing good damage in the Mire, because Imps are just plain weak and the flies are weak to piercing. So I was keeping up and Izman and I were doing Distortion skill chains for quite a bit of damage. Once I got to 69 it was only getting better for damage and accuracy, and I was for the most part able to keep up with Izman's TP gain. And I did get 69 for my RNG which was quite pleasing, but Bg and Illius needed to leave so we headed back to regroup, but before we did there was a Besieged and we joined in the fray. It wasn't going too well when we showed up, and the door to the Astral Plinth was already opened.
I managed to do some decent damage even as a 69 RNG, the real problem was that I kept getting hit with Stripga and losing all of my TP. Soon after we arrived, we managed to get the mobs out of the Hall of Binding then took down Lamia No. 3 and the Undead Swarm retreated soon their after.

After the Besieged, I reformed the party. I picked up a nice bard, that did a great job at pulling and we were getting really good chains for having two gimp DD's in the party, another NIN and their RDM friend. Iz and I were doing massive damage on with the skill chain, wiping out Imps with two shots for the most part. A couple of funny things happened in that party, like right after we started the NIN that came with us decided to Mijin Gakure the third mob we fought. LOL We all took it in stride and Iz just tanked until the NIN was back up and ready to fight again. This party was really sweet, and besides for the most part making chains of at least 20, I also got my highest Sidewinder yet! This was going great and I was going to easily make it to level 70 until I started experiencing massive lag, like seeing only about every 10th frame or something. So eventually, I just reset my router and my modem but it didn't do anything and after about 45 minutes of trying to get back on, I just went to bed. Sorry, Iz. >.< Oh well, I will definitely get 70 tonight, and I am going to start drooling over getting a Kriegsbeil and an Eurytos' or Vali's Bow. Once I get 70, I am also going to start using a STR/AGI set up for Sidewinder because after what Kenichii says about the accuracy increase at 70 it seems I should be able to hit Sidewinder reasonable well. I am going to try to aim to get 71 tonight so I can start wearing my Relic gear also.

Thats it for today, more xping tonight!


Bg said...

Wow it takes a REALLY "special" NIN to 2hr accidently.

And you left out the part where the WHM d/c because he couldn't handle my overwhelming DD PLD!

Ringthree said...

Dude, seriously your DD PLD is so good! You just need a Justice and Joyeuse and you would own.

Anonymous said...

that NPC is the Escort NPC,
dunno the exact reasons for it, but it seems you found it's "storage point" till it's called for escort .
Crawlers nest and Eldime have a similar NPC point that's related to the escort quest...

eh I read it somewhere where someone asked the same question, but then in CN...

it's been over a year so...