Thursday, March 15, 2007

A better title than the first one I had (not that this one is any good, just that the first one sucked). ^.^/

First time I have seen a Green Chocobo, its pretty far away, maybe its Big Foot.

I like talking to Kitty, he is a cool guy and generally the most decent person I have ever met. I am lucky to call him my friend. Kitty is good people and I wish the whole world was filled with Kitty's. If you have a chance to do anything in this game with Thazienne, you should feel lucky.

On a side note, I saw 300 yesterday, it was pretty damn good. I liked it a lot.

Anyway, I started off by messing around on my RNG, as I only had a little time from when I got home to when I left to go see the movie. In that time, I got a pretty decent Barrage when I was just soloing Colibri outside of Al Zhabi. After a few birdies, and almost dying a couple of times, I headed out. When I came back, I immediately got invited to a disaster of a party. It initially looked promising if a little light on the healing. PLD, RNG, MNK, WAR, RDM and something else, can't really remember. Apparently the RDM started the party, but wasn't really leading it, Arilayne the PLD was basically in control, and doing a fine job. In fact, Arilayne was one of the nicest people in the game I had met so far... just basically courteous, actually listened to people, and could type in complete sentences. It was quite stunning and I hope I run into this person again. The RDM and WAR on the other hand... wow... now that was a pair for the ages. The WAR could not be wrong, ever, and this being the case, there was only one acceptable camp in the entirety of the game. If we mentioned Bhaflau Thickets "ZOMG THAT ZONE SUCKS." Like the entire zone, not just one area, but Spiders, Cocktrices, the staging point, you pick it, and it was like the plague. Couldn't even go to other zones, Sky, no, Bibiki Bay, no, we HAD to go to the Mire, and we HAD to fight on the hill to the dead end to the north. When we decided to stay in another camp area, after just suggesting that we try it before we moved to a worse area the WAR just disbanded then the RDM went tagging along with them. This was actually pretty funny by this time as Arilayne and I just started joking about it.

So getting maybe 300 xp in that party, Arilayne and I headed back to reform, getting Iceblazek, and then a WHM named Vox, and a RDM named Maedea both of which are in Ailee's LS, finally we got a WAR name Awelyn or something close to that, who was also in the same LS, LOL. We then headed out to a zone that is normally completely deserted, but tonight was packed like a madhouse. We camped right at the entrance to Khimaira, and it popped while we were there so there were tons of people running in and out and there were about 2 other parties in that area with us anyway. Its a dangerous place to pull in anyway, because of all the Soulflayers, so when three or four Soulflayers run through your camp every 5 minutes it can cause a bit of panic. I finally got to 70 in this party, and I am now actually able to swap gear reliably and still Sidewinder at 100ish TP. It was now getting late, but I still wanted to xp so I gathered the normal people, and headed back to the main Mire area, where I was doing a lot more damage. :) And Pb was apparently being a Taru prostitute.
So apparently the new Askar, Denali and Goliard gear drops from the ground HNM's in Nyzul Isle, so I think I am going to spend some time in there. LOL But I need to do about four Mamool Ja staging points tonight for my Pahluwan Seraweels, I think I will try to grab Kitty and Omoi for that one. Those pants will be really nice for my RNG. :)


Iceblazek said...

this post lacks iceblazek.


Arilayne and Vox were really cool, it was nice to see that people like them are still around.

Izman said...

you see that ice? the normal people >.> you wait till he gets on vent!!!

Nivaud said...

who says it drops from Nyzul Isle HNMs?

Nivaud said...

oh you mean the HNMs in salvage. Just saw the Denali feet on BG.