Thursday, March 08, 2007

Haidate for everyone!

I couldn't get on late night with the massive update, but here are my thoughts so far.

1) Yes, the RMT's will switch to Zip and MG and Despot and Faust, but guess what, the pop time on those mobs is nothing compared to Ullikummi. And with so few RMT's in Sky anymore they don't have the ability to cover them all. This is so good that it is just crazy. The wait everyone has had for Haidate is finally over. They are going to be even more common than they were before.

2) Thief Knife is 100% drop. I think this proves two things about SE's thinking. 100% drops are better on popped mobs if the pops are hard to get. And TH has a much smaller effect than everyone has thought it has. If it had a huge effect then SE wouldn't have done this.

3) Sky and Sea are doable again. :) Sea drops are improved, Sky drops are attainable. Versus is doing well, but we have a few slots we still need to fill. With a smaller shell it will be easier for us to get what we want when we want it. /dance.

4) I want to see the new Wyvern emotes... more than I should want to. LOL

5) Why are people going to get Pallas bracelets when they can get Alky's? Lower level? LOL

6) More to come.

Ehh, nothing more to really add. Have Limbus tonight, then don't know what exactly we will do. No one is really reading the blog today I bet anyway :)


Bg said...

Ulli still fails lol.

5 hours camping pops against 2-3 other LS that come and go. 60ish kills, no drop. TH3 whole time.

I thought this was almost impossible to fuck up but SE has one upped themselves.

Ringthree said...

Oh, Bg its still not that bad :)

Thazienne said...

B to the motherfucking G!!!


Nivaud said...

some people on BlueGartr went something like 3/5 on Diorite.

you have shitty luck