Friday, March 09, 2007

A real day in Vana'diel

Haven't been able to do a lot in game lately, because of time constraints and the update and etc... Anyway, we did Limbus yesterday and it was a failure because of some mistakes in different parts of the zone. We will probably get it next time, but I hate failing especially when it is preventable.

Also did some of the new TAU missions, and they are a bit harder than the previous ones, but still nothing like they were in the CoP missions. I miss the difficulty of the CoP missions, those took skill and coordination, planning and preparation. These new missions are more along the lines of a BC that might be tough but you know you are going to win. Its not even more difficult than the Tenzen fight. I do like the fact that the new CS's are fantastic and even better than CoP! Court intrigue increases, and the court puppetmaster has gone missing.
What is Gessho up to? The court puppetmaster is found and spend some time with the Astral Candescence before heading to Mamook, where we find Ovjang in the hands of the new Mamool Ja Lancelord Gaheel Ja and the ultimate battle ensues.
Anyway, I have some funny pictures from Salvage and other assorted events. First, here is our attempt to get as many body pieces as possible with the popped Poroggo Madame. It got a little froggy. :)
I also helped Rygar to get his PUP AF, and the fight was a little harder than expected, the puppet hits hard and Shield Bashes all the time, not only that it shifts to protect itself from the main source of damage, and we had all melee damage. It ended up taking something like 100 from a Tachi: Gekko, and the same from Rampage and Asuran Fists. We ended up having to kite it around as all of the potential tanks died about half way through. XD
Finally, I got to get Omoi to 75 (which I thought I had a screenshot of, but I seem to have missed it.) and I did get a merit and got to see the sweet new Merit Point animation. I went to bed shortly after that, because I have to go out of town for the last time this year for my job. I will be glad to finally have a full weekend to play the game next weekend.

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Nivaud said...

I can't wait to get back in, this Nyzul Isle Assault intrigues me.