Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pardon my french...


More to come.

Note 1: There are a bunch of RMT's that are going to be a whole lot more poor.

Here are the jaw droppers:

The conditions for certain Notorious Monsters to appear, as well as certain treasure drops, have been adjusted in the following manner:

- The method for obtaining the items listed below has been adjusted.
The monsters that dropped these items now have a chance of dropping an EX/Rare item with the exact same attributes.

Fuma Kyahan/Speed Belt/Ochiudo's Kote/Strider Boots/Healing Staff/Eurytos' Bow/Cross-Counters

- The Notorious Monsters listed below now require a certain item to be traded in a certain location in order to appear.

Big Bomb/Alkyoneus/Pallas/Sozu Rogberry/Ullikummi

- The items listed below can now be obtained through different methods.

Cassie Earring/Serket Ring/Juggernaut
*The Juggernaut will still also drop from the usual monster, but at a lower probability.

- The “Lock of Siren's Hair” will be removed from the treasure dropped by the following Notorious Monsters.

Voll the Sharkfinned/Zuug the Shoreleaper/Pahh the Gullcaller/Worr the Clawfisted
*In accordance with this change, the drop rate of this item from monsters other than the four mentioned above will be increased.

- An item to replace the “Kraken Club” has been added to the treasure dropped by the “Lord of Onzozo.”

- Certain items obtained from the Notorious Monsters holding the “Virtues” in Lumoria will now drop with 100% probability.

This is just simply what everyone has been asking for. Its just... I don't know, just crazy. Love it. A+.

The enmity gained when using “Chocobo Mazurka” or “Raptor Mazurka” has been reduced.
I was just talking to Thaz and Bgalvin about this, and how Nin/Brd is kind of just lame.

A dragoon’s wyvern will now perform the following emotes along with its master:

Square-Enix pleasing Omoikitte's around Vana'diel for [1] straight days!


Nivaud said...

i like how SE was all "mums the word" about this... they touted their new DRK spells, updated signet conditions... then



(only thing that could bring this whole house of cards tumbling down is if SE was so fucking stupid as to make the pop items to spawn Ulli/Soze/Alky non rare/ex...)

Ringthree said...

Even if they were non-rare/ex they would still be farmable, and there just ain't that many RMT's and they can't just mass hack to every spawn LOL

Akanea said...

I'll eat j00 R3.

Ringthree said...

--(.. >x.x)>

Ringthree said...

--(.. >x.x)>

Nivaud said...

lol THF Knife 100% drop.

lol @ everyone who paid 25M or camped it for 3 months.