Friday, March 16, 2007

To be duely noted...

To err is human, but to miss Ice getting 73 on THF in a previous post is a travesty! Sorry, Ice :) He did recently attain level 73 on this THF which he is enjoying very much. His THF is very well sorted even before Homam gear and it just keeps getting better with each level. ^.^

A second note, as a point of clarification for Gorvaud, or Nivokai, or... whatever. ^.^ My reference to the Askar, Denali and Goliard set in my previous statement is correct, and I will explain what I mean to further clarify. It appears that on the 20th and 40th floors of the Nyzul Isle Assault, that you are able to fight the NQ versions of the original Zilart HNM's, those being Fafnir, Behemoth and Adamantoise. It appears that the level 20 HNM's have a chance to drop the feet of the set, then the level 40 ones the legs, and probably progressing on like that with hands being at level 60 then head and body at either 80 or 100. Here is proof: Note that this is the level 40 Fafnir thus dropping the legs piece. I do not know if there is a correlation for the HNM and the type of gear it drops, but I can tell you that it drops directly as can be seen in this shot so no worrying about ??? items to trade in.

I got to about 3k to 71 on my RNG yesterday, and I plan on leveling it again today. I have read Slickdarula's comment on my post about my RNG gear and it is very insightful, as with many of their comments. I will likely stick with Seiryu's Kote when I get them, and I am going to need to pick up an Othinus' Bow, but I don't think it will be my focus because of my merits and job selections. I definitely like the suggestions, and I will heed them with a focus on Archery. At 71 I get some relic pieces and after I get my Loquacious Earring, I am going to start making some AF +1 gear, as I already have sets for SAM and RNG. Speaking of other extraneous things I need to do outside of leveling my RNG, I also need to start camping Opo-opo Crown items for Kirameki, which I think will be very fun. ^.^/ If I can get to 72 tonight on my RNG I will be a happy boy, but I don't know if that will happen because I am going out tonight. We will see.

Versus had Limbus tonight again, Temenos North, Beastmen. Before the run there were a few mix ups, with BLM's subbing WAR (again) and a few other delays so I ended up holding the Aw'euvhi for longer than I was anticipating, and I heard that these things actually have rage timers. LOL Luckily we didn't get that far, as the idea of getting one shotted by this flower was not appealing. On the second floor, fun was had by all because I was the one that got charmed by Skadi and then promptly used as an MP battery by Gordor. The run went relatively well, except for some evil Astral Flows and one just heinous Mijin Gakure. The Astral Flow was only Titan, and it wasn't even on his day, but it still did like1400 damage to most people... it just sucked. That was on the Demon floor, the Tonberry's that we had to fight were a little less difficult, and the SMN's Garuda only killed two already weakened people from the previous floor. The thing that really got me was the Mijin Gakure from another Tonberry, which even with stunning and trying to kill it fast managed to blow up for over 1000 damage which wasn't too fun. LOL Oh well, we got the win and another chip toward Ultima.

After Limbus, I did a couple of Assaults, to try to build up some points for my Pahluwan Seraweels, two runs were fine, but the last run just didn't seem to want to work out. A couple of bad pulls, a couple of resisted sleeps and we just ran out of time. I should have had 4 tags but for some reason I only had 3, even though I distinctly remember picking up an extra tag last week. Oh well, I am still about 4k away on the legs, so I will need to do at least a couple of more runs, and I still need to save up some points for Salvage. We will see how it all works out.

On a side note, I have heard the RMT have shifted their focus to Despot in Sky now, but going from a 4-12 hour random spawn to a 2 hour spawn that is easily MPKable, I am not so worried about it. :) Thats about it for today, but I am feeling in the mood to write, so I may make another post later.

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