Monday, March 19, 2007

Chronological order.

Friday: 1. Level RNG with the crappiest JP NIN in the universe. Check.
2. Duo Ramuh with Omoi. Check.
Saturday: Deal with real life crisis. Check.
Sunday: Level RNG most of the day and accidentally invite worst JP NIN in the universe. Check.

Its getting be a trend. :)

LOL, Lets see lets skip that first party because it is too choice for the introduction to a post, so onto duoing Ramuh. Omoi and I already had the whispers we needed to do Ramuh so we scurried up the Boyahda Tree to the Cloister of Storms and took on the old man. These fights were definitely designed for lower level people, because outside of a random multihit WS or his two-hour, I never lost shadows. I dealt more damage to myself through the constant Shock Spikes effect than any damage that Ramuh did. I think Omoi and I are planning on duoing the rest of the Avatars to get some of the gear from them that we have been eyeing for a while. There is some very good elemental resist gear here, and with probably moving onto some of the Avatar based Temenos runs soon, it should be useful. Speaking of which, I think Versus is taking a much better approach to Limbus now, being a little more careful with pulls and taking many more time chests than in the past, this has given us a much larger cushion for winning zones. We are doing the King's Apollyon run tonight, and with success in that mission we will have a complete Omega set. I think I will come as RNG to this run, so I can test out the kind of damage that I can do on my RNG, and because it will be much more helpful for damage on Kaiser Behemoth than my other jobs I think.

Speaking of RNG and those parties... LOL Well, on Friday night we had some trouble finding a tank for our nice little XP party, so we invited a JP NIN, but this NIN must have thought that we was a DD or something else of the kind because they didn't like to voke, like at all, or at least until the mobs were at 5%. This caused some problems and some deaths, not very fun at all I tell you. I still managed to get to 71 before this NIN came in and basically killed the party. So, on Sunday we tried again and did very well for a good portion of the day, getting to 72, and a good chunk toward 73. Luckily this time when I accidentally picked up this same horrible NIN, Izman was in the party and just basically tanked full time on his PLD. Now, this brings me to another point about how much people suck. While we were there Omoi needed to go to bed, so I was looking for a replacement, and instead of just getting a nice polite no from someone that is not interested in xping with a PLD, something that I think is silly, but I don't hold against people, I get mocking. This is probably from the same kind of person that expects their PLD to tank everything and lose XP for them all the time, but when it comes down to helping those PLD's that tank everything for them, they balk at getting "gimp" XP. And this is the thing that gets me, we were making fine XP, and we were limited by the amount of mobs that we available, not by the amount of damage we were doing. So rejecting a party with a PLD/NIN as a DD is just ridiculous, but then going over the top just to be the cool kid (read: dick head) and mocking it when you don't even know the people involved... that is just stupid. I would take Izman's DD PLD over half of the NIN's on the server, but PLD is gimp. ^.^/

I am getting repetitive in some of these statements I know, and don't get me wrong, I don't mind people being elitist. People can do what they want, more power to them, in fact the best XP party I have ever been in was NIN, NIN, NIN, BRD, BRD, RDM, with Borin and Bgalvin, and let me tell you, those are NOT gimp NIN's. We were getting chain 10 on Troll Paladins, without a WAR. I do not think that my NIN DD gear is gimp either... :) I actually prefer that people are elitist in a good way, always trying to pursue the best gear and the best merits. This makes for better players, and better players makes for more success. That is why I get to be obsessed with gear and merits and what I plan to do in the future for jobs that I am leveling. This is not a bad thing at all. It is bad when you use it as a justification for making yourself feel better by putting other people down. This isn't just a game thing, people do it all the time in RL. I don't suppose I can do much about the direction that humanity is taking, but I thought I should mention that being elite doesn't mean you have to be a dick. Choosing to be a dick is a completely different mental operation, and though being elitist can be bad, those that use it as an excuse to be a dick are doing just that, making excuses.

Anyway, I just love my rants sometimes. :)

I did get some nice new highs on the flies in Caedarva Mire for my Sidewinders, as I can now routinely use STR gear when I am using Sidewinder and almost never miss, in fact since Sidewinder is a one hit WS, I think my accuracy is actually better than on my NIN because I actually see more low hit return Jin's than I see misses for Sidewinders. Anyway, this is my best so far and it was in a series of 1000+ Sidewinders which made me rather proud. Borin was able to do something like almost 2000 Slugshots so that will be my goal eventually. :)

Also, Ailee, in a string of good synth's yesterday after recovering from a bad computer meltdown has gotten 96.2 on CC. Congrats! :)

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brandon said...

This is probably from the same kind of person that expects their PLD to tank everything and lose XP for them all the time, but when it comes down to helping those PLD's that tank everything for them, they balk at getting "gimp" XP.

Now take that statement turn everythign that says PLD into BLM and make me a good xp pt on my blm and get some xp