Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Long days, long nights.

Yesterday started out nicely, get home and a Besieged is about to begin. I generally thought that when all five generals were present that Zazarg was the dedault cutscene but not this time, maybe they rotate. The invasion was from the Lamia and Undead Swarm and I had not seen any of the new mobs for the Undead Swarm since the last update. I got on my RNG to get some xp there, but I didn't know if I would have enough time before Limbus to finish it out. I did get to see some of the new Arcolith mobs they are pretty neat looking and I don't know if they are in any of the new missions yet, because I have only moved up to the new Mamool Ja BCNM. Anyway, when you fight them they slowly fall to pieces, losing arms and even their whole torso. When they do stay together for the most part until you kill them they then fall completely apart when they die. Very interesting new mobs to say the least, and they also play into the Lamia's storyline very well. Sadly, I didn't have enough time to finish the Besieged before our Limbus run was supposed to start.

Limbus went great, much better than our last Kings run, mostly because we had a little practice under our belt, and knew how to deal with Kaiser Behemoth much more appropriately. It was also our largest run so far, which was nice and we should have more coming in soon. The win also got us our last chip in our first Omega set ^.^/ I don't know when we are going to do the first Omega, but I think we will probably be over prepared for it, as we have been taking things much more slowly and cautiously in the past three runs than we have in the first few runs. It was a little interesting last night because we had more than enough power to take out all of the mobs, so things were dying faster than they usually do. For example, we took down the ram very quickly too quickly in fact. Now, can you see what happened to me in this cute little screen shot here? Yes, that is me, using Barrage on the ram, which then died very quickly after, then me not realizing that my last shot did not go off before the ram died, then pulling the last buffalo on the level with Barrage. I got a flash and a voke and a stun in there somewhere and still had hate on the thing, and everyone on vent was like why did you pull with Barrage and I was all like NO WAI! I did not! Sadly, I did. (As for the Lucimon comment in my pulling macro? It was from an xp party that he was in with me the other day, and the only thing that needs to be taken from the whole experience is that I do, in fact, have a penis.) LOL Oh well, on to the next floor, killed the turtle very quickly, definitely not even as resistant as Genbu. We only skipped the Fafnir clone, but we did have a rather close shave with it, when we were fighting the last wyvern and he decided to come trundling by to take a peek, luckily we avoided aggro and we moved on to the next level. Next time we are likely to leave the BLM's and a RDM to take care of it while the rest of us "useless" melee head down to the last level to start clearing out the Kronprinz's to save some time. Everything on the Apollyon side is so much more weak to magic than than on the Temenos side in general. Like the melee's just flail about while Kaiser is just kited by the BLM's, who do all of the damage. Outside of my EES for like 198 on Kaiser, I did 1, count it 1 point of damage on my RNG to it while it was being kited, and that was from an arrow. LOL Sure I am still 72 but I was expecting a bit more than that. Oh well, Elfaria, Eternalpain and Gordor did a fine job doing most of the damage. :)

After Limbus I did two more Mamool Ja assaults and but realized I was going to need to have at least two more runs for my Pahluwan legs, but only had one more tag for the day, so instead of rushing it we just stopped for the evening and headed out to Cape Terrigan to help Ice try to get a Kukri... yeah, that led to me long night. No pop, but I did get something like 6k xp on my RNG and some decent skill ups, like this nice shot right here:
We have Sky again today, first in a while, and we have some gems already saved up so we should be popping some Gods if we have the healing to cover a fight. I would guess something like a Seiryu, Suzaku or Genbu just to get warmed back up after so much time away from Sky. After Byakko's Haidate, I have a limited amount of gear that I really need to get my NIN to pretty close to perfection. Some Dusk Gloves would be nice, but Koga Tekko and O's Kote are arguably better for my situation definitely at night. After that its just Nyzul Isle gear and Salvage gear.

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