Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Welcome back.

Well, Versus headed back to Sky for the first time in month's, and it was a very good day. We started out with a nice Genbu just to get warmed back up. It was a fun fight and over pretty quickly, nothing much of importance dropped. And as quickly as that we were off to farm water and diorite. This was the first time we were camping it and there was a little bit of competition in Ullikummi's room apparently, but it wasn't too bad, so one group stuck around, while the other farmed water. No water but two diorites within an hour of being there and they dropped just two mobs apart. I know people that have farmed them for days without a drop and we got two within an hour. I can see this making farming water much better, in fact I think the drop rate is probably even better than water, because instead of just farming water we can farm both. Right now the competition is really stiff for a lot of things but I can see with how easy Byakko is to spawn now and how Kirin's will now be much easier it wont be long before Sky thins out a little bit. Anyway, we all went back down to Ulli's room after a while and popped ourselves our own personal little Ullikummi. God, it is so much nicer to be able to do this rather than watching RMT steal and hack themselves Ullikummi after Ullikummi. After Ullikummi we headed over to Suzaku and after a little bit of confusion about the location of some of the gems :) we popped it. Another fight to get back in the swing of things, and pretty crappy drops. LOL Shockingly, I did not die at all! It was a miracle... as Iz pointed out, rather pointedly. Well, I mean... they could wander up there you know! It's not my fault the Yovras like to hang out above the Aw'euvhi!

After Sky, I grabbed my "assault partners" (also called constantly nagged people) Omoi and Iz to finish the last two Mamool Ja assaults to get my puffy pants finally! It's also decent xp while you are doing something else to get assault points, so two birds with one stone and the such. After two smooth runs we were quickly finished and I went down to the Mamool Ja assault counter and finally picked up my Pahluwan Seraweels. Probably best non-Salvage piece for RNG except for in very high accuracy situations, where you could wear AF2 legs (which I don't have). After our little foray into Mamook we headed out of the staging point to get some xp. It was Iceblazek, Izman, Pbdominator, a really good JP NIN, and a really bad NA RDM. Shocking right? LOL As I have said when you look at the number of excellent players there are just as many NA's as JP's, but when you look at the average player the JP's are going to be generally better than the average NA, not because they are Asian, but because they for the most part pay attention and are considerate, instead of being lazy, self-absorbed or stoned. And sure at the bottom, there are JP's and NA's equally, but in general in parties its easier to get along with a JP player than an NA if you are just pulling people out of a hat. Ice actually parsed the fight with divisortheory's new parser, and apparently it is really nice. I was sadly not keeping up with Izman, Ice or the NIN. Ice had bad numbers because he used meat and ended up missing a lot on the Mamool's because our RDM was too busy standing in AoE range to be bothered with dispelling Warm-up. The parse had Izman in first place, the JP NIN in second (because they died once at the end, they probably would have won by a little without that) then Ice third, I think. I know I was fourth, a good ways back. >.< We kept the party going until I got to 73 then we disbanded because people were getting really tired including myself. But we did have some fun with the mobs there, RAWR!
In other news, Avesta soloed Seiryu... yeah. Thats just crazy. If you don't know who Avesta is, you just aren't paying attention. This is Avesta's website with a list of all the mobs that he has soloed, ATSEVA And here is the video (very long video) of him soloing Seiryu. Amazingly impressive, this guy is the best. That's it, everyone else is trying to be him.


Nivaud said...

Farm Enkidu's (not Celestial Nexus ones). We got farm more there and less people camp that area cause they want to be able to farm/pop in the same place.

Ringthree said...

Actually that place was heaving with people and Ulli's room only had two groups. We thought of that :)