Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The waiting begins.

Well, since the most recent update Omoi has decided to reopen Versus to everyone. We have this week off then restarting a full schedule next week. I think I am going to go up and farm some Diorite before then though, because it has been so long since I have even seen a Byakko, that I want to be ready to do it as soon as possible. I would say its been about 8 months since doing a Byakko and about 3 months since a claim on the old Ullikummi. Oh well.

Had Limbus yesterday, NE Apollyon. We changed up our focus a little on this run, with just a focus on the win and getting through with enough time, and we had tons of time left over at the end of the run. LOL As it always happens right? LOL Anyway, another chip for an Omega set. We are kinda hit and miss right now on Limbus, sometimes we hit on all cylinders and sometimes we don't. Oh well, we are making good coin runs and some decent AF drops. In an effort to speed through the second level, we just bind the big bird, grab its chest then head out. Its pretty funny when you move onto the next floor and you can still see the mob on the last floor. We didn't get much out of the last chest, except for this little surprise! Hiya Elfie!

After Limbus, we were supposed to xp with Bg but that didn't pan out because of timing so instead Omoi got on Kira and we headed out to level WAR and BRD with Malasia's BST. I got to level 57 on WAR, but it was kind of slow going, as Colibri suck with only three WAR's as your tanks because none of them can use food. I started using my Scorpion Harness for the accuracy, which also helped with tanking a little bit too, though. I am going to try to level RNG tonight, with the goal being able to hit 70. If I can get to 70, I will have my O hat, another Accuracy trait and I will be close to some of my AF2 and stuff. Kenichii was saying that it makes a huge amount of difference because you will be able to fire off Sidewinders at 100TP instead of at least 150TP and still missing too much. I wonder if the price on the Eurytos' Bow is going to drop or if I would be able to get a Vali's Bow. Either way I don't care but they are much easier to get now, so I was thinking the price is going to drop. ^.^/

Finally, Omoi laments the stories of those who's giant fish got away.

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