Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snoll Tzar again.

Well, Illius and Hellzfury now have the Snoll Tzar done. Ranger is pretty devastating in that fight. I did 2790ish damage, and still didn't get to use my EES. I have a thought on these fights, and why people don't like going back to do them. In truth, after you do them the first time they are really hard, you have to go a couple of times and it costs a bunch of gil. But truthfully, once you understand the mechanics of the fight, it actually gets to be pretty easy. But that is not how people think, they think, "hey I have done this really hard fight, now everyone else should have to do this really hard fight without help," even though they probably got help for the fight also. It's a little sad, but it the way some people are. I like to help because the more people that get to Sea the more people we get that can do Sea activities, like Limbus.

Well, I leveled my WHM again :). I kind of like it but I don't know how good I am, but I am starting to get into a pattern of how to heal. When to cast Cure and when to cast Cure II. Its very interesting, and there is much more to it than I realized. Like Bar-spells are very effective, and keep me much more active than I thought I would be as a healer. It is actually quite fun to play and I think I am getting into the grove. I thought I would be struggling with MP as Elvaan but with 2 MP merits and a borrowed Astral Ring I usually have more than 100 MP left at the end of a fight out of about a 200 MP pool. Its still slow going, but I at least enjoy it, unlike DRK. Sorry, Borin. LOL

I finally picked up my Pahluwan khazagand yesterday. I have to say this is probably the first (maybe second) item that I just like to wear, because it looks cool. :) The only other item that I can think of as town gear that I have is my N. Body, but thats is part e-peen and part good looking. The Pahluwan body just looks so intricate and elaborate. Basically, I picked it up because its probably the best non-Osode, non-Kyudogi body piece for RNG. LOL, I would really like to level RNG again, but WHM is a priority to 37 right now. Getting a job to 37 is a lot more work than I remember it being back in the day, and WHM you can't really get a PL for and just solo, because you can't really do any damage with your club, like you would on a DD job.

Last night, Pbdominator beat the Airship! ^.^ So after beating the Snoll Tzar (which he, Eternalpain and Gordor also helped with [thanks a ton guys!]) we went to fight some of the NM's he has to kill before the Tenzen fight. It was pretty fun, because we didn't really buff or anything we just kinda popped the mobs and let the chips fall where they may. The Kraken was easy, three times it Hundred Fist'ed, and it was more like Hundred Misses. The Tonberries were just as silly, luckily by accident we just kept the SMN mob to the end. After that I had to go to bed, but Pb and Gordor went on to beat the Bugard to finish off the NM's.

That was pretty much it for yesterday... oh yeah, I did Limbus ^.^/ a pretty simple run, 5 coins and the other half of my RNG set. I am going to upgrade the hands first I am sure, because the hands are pretty much the only non-useful regular AF piece but the AF+1 is pretty damn nice.

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