Sunday, February 04, 2007

No where to start so I guess I just will.

Finally, most of my RL issues are out of the way, well, not tomorrow, where I will be gone again, but after that things will be back to normal.

So I have some pictures left over from when I was busy, but its been so long that I have kinda forgotten the order that they happened. So I guess I will start with Limbus. We were supposed to do Ultima but we skipped it again because we didn't have enough people (one person quit the LS and two more didn't show and are probably leaving, its ok because we had a couple of people lined up and ready to join), so we did another Omega instead. Easy fight, pods dropped coins, 3 chips and an RDM upgrade item, chest had brain and forelegs, for which Eternalpain and I received the items respectively. So we were off to Mhaura to trade our items to Wilhelm for our gear. :) The Homam Manopolas are very nice for my DRG, only one less ACC, but with the HP and Haste it easily makes up for the difference. They are probably a little better for THF, but I am not too concerned about the enmity as I already wear some on my DRG without much detriment. Here is the Homam head that EP got:
Since the last post about what I have been doing we have done two more Salvages, one was pretty good, and we attempted to pop some NM's for which we didn't pop any. >.< We still haven't gotten a card to drop either. The first one we went up with the intention of farming some of the Archiac gear/s and a chariot. Still getting the same drops but nothing much new has dropped. On the second run we attempted to go for the boss but it just didn't start very well, we didn't have a MNK because Glacian wasn't on and Borin and I still don't have capped Hand-to-hand skill. It took forever to kill the first Bifrons, and we only got one weapon drop, then we had to slowly get more gear and stuff. For some reason this run was just much worse than our previous runs, having Glacian there would have helped a ton just to get through the first mobs fast to start with, and having Izman around for tanking to start would have helped a lot to but he is currently without internet. >.< We did eventually get to Low-Bowed Chariot but we didn't have much time at all and it was pretty damn tough. I don't know what we are doing next run, but this run was just pretty crappy from the start. >.<
Outside of the Salvage and Limbus, I have been trying to get some more merits and I have finally gotten my DRK to 37. Thank god, it sucked. It sucked a lot. I am so glad to be done with that, and how I need to make a NIN/DRK set up. I would really like to hear suggestions on what I should wear when tanking as NIN/DRK. Mainly what to wear in the ear and finger slots. The rest I think I have a good grasp off. Anyway, I will post what I am wearing on NIN/DRK tomorrow. Speaking of which, I got level 2 MP merits, now. And actually they came in handy because I was leveling my WHM yesterday night. I want to know why its such a shock to see me leveling WHM? Huh? Tell me! >.< I got to 21 almost 22. I think I will probably level it again tonight, or merit. And I also have Limbus, which will either be Ultima or more chip farming. I am looking at getting a Loquacious Earring next, because it looks pretty good for NIN/DRK and that would compliment an Ethereal Earring, I think. Anyway, that is still a bit of a dream, still need to get the Snoll Fight for Hellz and Illius. >.< That is going to be my top priority.

And now for your enjoyment, even the JP know how to be funny.

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