Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nothing much to report.

Yesterday was kinda blah. Did nothing really constructive, I xped with some people to help EP get to 75 again on PLD, and I just recapped xp in that party, didn't even get a merit. Not a good day over all, my internet connection kept blinking out. I am using wireless now and it sucks. It blinks out a lot, and it just isn't as reliable as my wired connection. I don't know how people use this stuff. There isn't even much to report on the FFXI scene in general, no new information from SE about the next update. And its been a while since the last update. I thought we would have heard something by now. Updates are usually every other month and we have almost always gotten one in February and still no peep out of SE. I don't know what else to fill this space with... so, I will just pop back every now and then today with some updates or something.

Update 1: Still nothing, I have been surfing around for some more information on anything, nothing new at all. LOL Its just a total blah day. Don't know what else to say. Currently talking to Bgalvin about how to best set up a NIN/DRK. Probably need a lot less MP than I originally though for the job, which is nice.

Update 2: Hmmm... I heard Izman is going to be back today. That would be great. :) Kinda missed him, because he is one of the only people that never really gets upset with anyone and is hilarious always. Wow... that sounded a little too affectionate... maybe I can get him to sign my yearbook.


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Slickdarula said...

On that wireless thing, yeah I just left that alone myself. It sucks. Stay hard wired to your unit. Much better. I don't know what i was even thinking.