Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Secrets of Aht Urhgan

I wanted to collect all of the unreleased areas, rumors, inactive points, storyline loose ends and everything else in one place, because I spend all day trying to find out information for this stuff and its spread out all over the place.

Unreleased areas:
Islands off of Wajaom Woodlands and Mount Zhaylom: These are the islands that are connected by the mysterious stones in the area. There is also a stone on the Hediva Island by the Khimaria camp. Can't find the thread of the person that originally posted this for the life of me.

Hazhalm Testing Grounds: Enormous underground area connected to Caedarva Mire outside of Nashmau. More information in the thread I can't find.

Final Assault area in Nyzul Island: Pretty big Assault area, again pictures in the thread I can't find.

Chocobo racetrack: Will be released in the coming update.

The Pit: Pet vs Pet. No idea how long until they release this.

Storyline loose ends:
Glory Crown: Obviously will be resolved later in the storyline.

ToAU end-game area: Unreleased information but confirmed in a recent interview.

Salvage: Still unknown how to reach 1-2 of the bosses and many of the drops and NM spawn conditions are unclear.\

Assault ranks to 10: Assuming that the ranks will be like those in nations, and it goes to ten, will the rewards get better?

ToAU missions: Ending soon? Or much longer than we expected? It seems that there will at least be a representative from Bastok soon enough, but where does it go from there?

There is a war on the eastern front of Aht Urhgan: Is this the Far East nation that Tenzen hails from? Is there some nation in between? Is the war going well or poorly.

Odin: The dark rider? Yes? No?

Alexander: Salvage? Nyzul? Avatar? Both Odin and Alexander are very sketchy at this point, but both have been either implicitly or explicitly mentioned at some point in the storyline.

Astral Candesence: What are they? What do they do? Why do we care?

I am going to try to update this post at least once a week with any new rumors or information or theories I might hear.

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