Thursday, February 22, 2007

Real life cutting into play time again >.<

LOL, I went out with some friends last night, and as evidenced by my utter enjoyment of our fiasco of an xp party in the Mire, I think one would be able to deduce that I was not in a fully sober state. In fact, quite the opposite. :) This Mire party was fun because we just ran around grabbing the first thing we saw, and here is a new observation I made at the time about the Mire (which is basically also true for any overcamped areas): If there are too man people for you to get mobs to maintain a high chain then a BRD is basically worthless because they will only help you kill faster which will only depopulate the area more quickly, which will only increase your chance of a large gap between kills breaking your chain. Last night we went as Nin, Nin, War, War (some uber JP WAR with Ridill and E. Body), Rdm, Whm. This party was actually a lot more stable because we didn't have to worry about constantly running out of MP, and the mages could help pull also because they didn't have to worry about being the only healer. I see this as another one of those cases where people see their 1337 friends doing something then they attempt to do it in an inferior manner. Basically, if you don't have the mobs, then a BRD is irrelevent. So think about where you are going and who is there before you go. Well, we just basically reeked havoc in the Mire for a while, and I managed to recap my xp but didn't get very much further to another merit which sucked. But we will probably go again tonight, and hopefully I can get a merit or two.

Since I don't have anything in-game from yesterday, I will go into some more ToAU rumors, speculation and other information. First, I found this on a forum yesterday. This was posted by the guy that broke the game by mass dc'ing whole zones of people, and got his very own emergency update, and didn't even get banned because he told the GM's how he did it. Well, there you have your 6th Assault mission NPC. This is kind of crazy that he can get these things to appear. Anyway, my guess is that we might be getting this in the next update, along with 8-11 of the Assault ranks. I am still only Rank 3, and close to Rank 4.

Apparently someone else is claiming that all of the bosses have been reached for Salvage, but I am still a little doubtful of this as I haven't seen any screenshots of the Zhaylom boss. They have mentioned that you have to kill all of the mobs on the second to last floor to reach the last floor. It seems reasonable and if I see a screenshot soon, I will completely buy it. Speaking of which I am itching to get another chance at the Bhaflau boss, I am pretty sure that we will get the win next time.

My head is killing me and I have been working on this for too long, so this is what you get today. :P

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