Friday, February 23, 2007

Out of town.

Going out of town today, so not much to offer. Finished my last Omega with ShutUpandDance last night. It is a good LS, but a little 1337 for me. They have a very good ability to handle most any fight, but sometimes they lack the ability to adapt. I think they will be a really good LS if they just kinda go with the flow instead of just trying to throw BLM's at everything. I don't want it to seem like SUaD was a bad LS. Far from it, they were very good, some of the best players on the server that is for sure, but I will be glad to be doing things with friends in Versus.

After Limbus, we did a little xping, almost got a merit but not quite. The last couple of parties have just been thrown together for fun, and not so much a massive focus on getting max xp/hour. I think once I get back from this weekend, I will find a day and spend a couple of hours dedicated to getting some merit points.

Well, I am off for the weekend. Sure this entry sucks, but what is a man to do? LOL

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Ailee said...

I know for a fact you aren't ACTUALLY dead... no excuses for no weekday blog posts...