Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is going to be a low hit day...

I went to bed early last night, just as a warning so you don't get the impression that this is going to be the stellar post you were probably hoping for, but hey, I have mostly daily content so you can't possibly expect everyday to be exciting. All I basically did yesterday was go to Dynamis, at least I went as Dragoon. :) My Dragoon gear is actually pretty good. Still could use some Hecatomb Mitts, and sure a Hecatomb Cap would be great but I don't do HNM's so that is right out for now. Outside of that, though, I am quite pleased with my Acc and WS builds. On Quadav's Wheeling Thrust is a good 400-600 damage almost every time.

Well, I had won the bid on Dragoon Greaves again, but I wasn't really expecting them to drop as I have won bids on the Greaves for a long time, but they just haven't dropped. We won't even start on head or body. orz But quickly after going into Dynamis guess what dropped! Well, at least I am finally 3/5 on Dragoon AF2. In the normal course of killing mobs in Bastok I got this nice Wheeling Thrust. That is probably the highest damage I have personally ever seen for a Wheeling Thrust, considering that it is a one hit weaponskill with an "Ignores Defense" TP modifier it does very consistent damage but hardly ever gets over 600. It must have been a double attack and some kind of critical hit on the weaponskill. Still, I was impressed by the number, especially for not having my Dragoon out in a while. Iceblazek ended up getting an Assassin's Vest for this THF after it went open bid, of which he was very proud. Strangely enough, even though we got a bunch of AF2 drops we didn't get the win in Bastok because we had limited numbers and took our time with alot of pulls. We managed to sac pull the last NM, and then pull the boss, but killed him about 10 seconds after the 30 second warning. Oh well, it just let me go to bed earlier. :)

Anyway, that was my day, but because it was so short, I guess I would like to talk about something else. Something that annoys me a little bit, and that is the perceived secrecy that people think they need to have about end-game activities after they first come out. Originally, I saw this happen when Sea was first released and people started doing jailers, when they found out how to pop the NM's and the Jailers, they would not disclose the method for popping them. Its just so silly, because within 24 hours people are going to figure out how to do it. And then they are going to be the ones that discloses the information and get the credit for it. Basically, its a situation where if you release the information first, you get the credit for it, but if you CLAIM you have the information and don't disclose it, you just make people think you are a dick, AND they will find out the information soon enough. I think the FFXI Wiki is a really good resource because of this, because as people find out information they just add it to the Wiki and usually before someone can claim to have information before anyone else, its already on the Wiki. I can slightly understand about keeping information about open world NM spawns like in Sea, but whats the point really? It's not like you are some original explorer in a wide open new space. Everyone else is doing the same things that you are, they are testing the same things and the information will be supplied quickly for everyone else. So your choice is not between keeping things secret and disclosing the information to everyone, the choice is really between being seen as the first person to provide everyone with the information and being a dick. In the end, don't be a dick.

That is my rant for today. :) I have Limbus tonight, I don't think it will be a split run because the runs in Temenos are a lot harder than they are in Apollyon, which I approve of considering the last two weeks, I have barely gotten any coins or upgrade items, but during the wins were we did normal runs we have gotten a lot more coins and items. Now, I am looking at upgrading my Myochin Haidate to the HQ version, and I understand how that is supposed to work, BUT what I want to know is exactly how I reset the quest to do the Borghertz's Hands quest. What I mean is that the Haidate are a coffer item and I want to replace them so that I can get the Myochin Haidate again to be able to store them again. I don't want to give up 5 more slots of storage when I am already cramped to start. So if you have suggestions on how to restart the quest, I am listening :)


Thazienne said...

I think there is someone in Lower Jeuno, in one of the shops that can reset your AF quests.

Nivaud said...

Race: Elvaan
Zone: Jeuno Lower
Location: H-9
Notes for Vingijard: Located in Waag-Deeg's Magic Shop
Starting NPC for Mini-Quest:
Re-Acquiring Artifact Equipment