Monday, January 22, 2007

Congratulations are in order.

Long weekend in which I didn't get to play a whole lot. I was out and about doing real life things, as I will be next weekend also. >.< Well, at least I got to get another couple of merits, bringing my total to 7. I have decided for now to go with 4 levels of HP and 4 levels of MP, so with 7 I could do 3 levels of MP, or I could finish HP. And I don't mind sitting on the merits for a little while, just do see where I should put them. In other self-improvement news I think I am going to try finishing up leveling DRK tonight. As long as the party I get tonight is better than the party I had on Thursday everything should be fine, LOL. Anyway, its only 24 but I figure I should be able to at least get to 30 tonight, and I would also like to cap Hand-to-hand very soon. I only have Limbus to really distract me from this tonight, but that should be quick, because people are actually showing up on time, and we are actually doing skillchains and not doing dual runs so the rewards are getting much better too. We should be up to another Ultima soon, which is fun but I need to check my buffer on my SAM, I think I don't really have that much left to go before I start deleveling again, which is not good at all. Ultima is just a pain, but compared to how we have been doing in our split runs, we did Ultima pretty easily. So at least that doesn't worry me all that much.

Now for the congratulations, but first a bit of background. As I said, I was gone this weekend, so that meant that my Obsidian was going to plan a Dynamis Lord run. I have never even seen Dynamis Lord let alone fought him. It seems like they can predict my schedule then precisely place Dynamis Lord runs when I can't attend. Oh well, hopefully they will do another run soon. I still don't understand why they don't just farm Dynamis Lord. Well, to the point of the congratulations, they were successful in killing the Dynamis Lord and among the drops was a Shadow Mantle for which Ailee was the winning bid. A rather impressive item for her PLD, and I will have some pictures of it tomorrow. :)

Now, I got to try out a few new xp camps that were opened up with the Nyzul Isle staging point. One of the camps is a circular island in the Northeast of the Mire, it has only Imps and Soulflayers, now after testing out this island I have come to the conclusion that with a couple of certain support/healing job this camp is completely melee burnable.
The Soulflayers seem a little weaker than those in the Arrapago Reef, while the Imps are of a higher level than those in the lower parts of the Mire. I think this is the area for which Khimaira spawns, but there are PLENTY of mobs here, in fact a lower level regular party could easily just pull Imps full time from the zone-in area and not even worry about the Soulflayers. Now, let me say the Soulflayers are no joke, I think at very least a WHM and RDM/WHM should be required for this kind of party, because you will need Erase. The Ice Spikes that the Soulflayers use seems to be undispelable or at least they have incredibly high resistance to dispel, but the nice thing is that they don't seem to have high HP and a couple of WS's and they are done. The base XP for this camp is very high, but there is much more of a risk of death. I suggest it if you have the proper party set up.

Finally, we got around to helping Illius and Hellzfury get their Promyvion-Vahzl started, and its pretty impressive how quickly you can get to the bottom floor if you are in a rush (I needed to get to Limbus). But first we had to play around with the NM at the door to the entrance. It was pretty funny, we weren't ready for it the first time we fought it and everyone kind of forgot about it so no one had 75 gear on them, and some people didn't even come with jobs at 75. LOL Anyway, with that out of the way, we headed deeper into the zone, the only death coming from me when I cleared the hall of death on the second level. In relatively short progression we will be getting Illius and Hellz to Sea like we did with Gordor, Iceblazek, Izman and Kalgar.

I think I need to pick up leveling RNG again, I kind of feel like it is falling behind and I would like to get it to 75 pretty quick. I wish I could keep up with Elfaria's leveling speed. LOL Elf started out as a lower level RDM than my RNG, but is already 70, and probably higher. Now that is fast, oh well, maybe something else I will do today. Limbus gets out early today, so I might just do DRK, then Limbus, then RNG. We will see tonight. :)

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