Wednesday, January 17, 2007

...And with this sword ye shall be eye-humped by all of Vana'diel!

Not too busy yesterday, I poked around for a while and finally got my cast metal plate for the Halvung Gate. That was really easy, and I don't know why I took so long to pick it up. Then after that I did a few Golden Salvage runs, very simple and quick wins. I would still like to finish a run of Mamool Ja staging point level 2 runs because I am still about 3k off of getting either Pahluwan Seraweels or Amir Boots. Still kinda torn between the two. Pahluwan better helps my NIN, while Amir better helps everything else. Oh well, I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I also got to do a Besieged against the Undead Swarm which was fun, I got in a little late but the server got Medusa down to about 60% before it warped out. I originally believed that you needed to kill all of the NM's to make Medusa more vulnerable but I am not sure anymore because the last time we did it, after all of the NM's were killed Medusa immediately warped out. I wish SE was a little more clear on the win conditions for Besieged, because I think with a little more time Odin could easily beat Medusa.

After this early messing about we decided to go XP, and while waiting for Izman to finish up his CoP cutscenes, I bugged Gawayne to come out into the woodlands to give me a couple of screen shots of his Excalibur for the blog. Now, a couple of observations to start. First, Excalibur already hits hard, usually over 100 damage a swing. Now I don't know all that much about sword damage but my guess is that is pretty strong for just a normal swing. Second, the additional light damage procs about 2-3 times per fight on a below Even Match mob. That light damage is always 25% of current HP. I had read elsewhere that it was some inversion of health or something, but I can confirm it is definitely 25% of current HP. Apparently in Besieged, with a Giant Drink, Gawayne was able to get a 800+ additional effect damage. Third, the random high damage swing is about 2.5 times damage of a normal swing. Its noticeable compared to the damage of a normal swing. Finally, Kinghts of Round is a pretty nice WS for a single hit weaponskill. It was doing around 700+ on a below Even Match mob. And now for some pictures. First, our hero! Gawayne standing about in the woodlands, ready at any moment for the onslaught of evil! Evil comes in many forms and today evil came in the form of... a bee! Yeah, what a let down. LOL Anyway, the brave, brave Sir Gawayne doth smite thine bee with Knights of Round! It is pretty damn neat to watch. :) You can also make self-Light with Kinghts of Round, and it alone. So with a little Shikikoyo help provided by Glacian, Gawayne did two consecutive Knights of Round and made himself a nice little Light Skillchain. The question we had was whether he would be able to follow that Light skillchain with another Knights of the Round to make Light again, we tried it with a Icarus Wing but it either doesn't work or Gawayne didn't get the weaponskill off in time. I am inclined to believe the former, and that the WS can only be used to make one Light skillchain, whether from closing the first skillchain or from adding an additional skillchain onto the last Light skillchain.

After all of the eye-humping and congratulations to Gawayne we headed out to the Mire to get some quick xp. It was fast and fun and only Izman died one time, because Gordor MPKed him accidentally, then Izman died again, because Gordor intentionally MPKed him without Gordor even knowing. :) That is something only a few people will get. Anyway, I got a merit or two, because it was a relatively short party and I wanted to get to bed... but of course I didn't. :) Izman and Illius needed the map to the Mire so off to fight the Plague Chigoe we went. That thing is so funny, bouncing around with drains going off all the time. Its quite cute to watch, and with that they had their maps and I was off to bed.

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